Cat Tales: Tuxedo Joe and Orphan Annie


My cats are Tuxedo Joe and Orphan Annie.

I am a foster home for MEOW Foundation in Calgary, Canada. I received Tuxedo Joe and his sister Orphan Annie at three days old when their mom passed away. They were very weak and required a lot of extra care.

Tuxedo joe

At one point Joe almost didn’t make it, and I promised myself if he did I would adopt him. Both Annie and Joe were bottle fed until I got another litter of kittens with a mom, at which point they joined them. The foster mom cared for them as if they were her own, and helped them get stronger. They also had lots of foster brothers and sister to keep them warm and happy.

Annie was too adorable to resist, so we ended up adopting both of them at 12 weeks old.


Tuxedo Joe Orphan Annie

Too adorable to resist!

Tuxedo Joe is so amusing to me and has lots of strange quirks. He eats his food with his paw and he drinks water from his paw half the time.

He loves to drown toy mice in his water fountain (which turns the fountain a lovely dyed shade), and he loves to play fetch with me! He will constituently bring me a toy mouse until I throw it. If I ignore him he will continue to bring more toy mice and drop them at my feet until I give in.


Sometimes our family finds toy mice in our shoes, and even in my purse! You never know where one will end up.

Joe doesn’t get into much mischief, he’s a pretty laid back dude who follows the rules. (Other than drowning his toys). His sister Annie is more of the trouble maker, she loves anything shiny so we can never leave out jewelry around our house!


Raising awareness for adoption

Both Joe and Annie are super laid back. I think sometimes they forget they are cats! They both spend half of their time on their backs, completely sprawled out. Both are very photogenic and have their own Facebook Fan Pages.

Our goal is to raise awareness for adoption and help to raise money for a new shelter for MEOW Foundation.

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