Cat Tales: Tigger About Life

Tigger 4

Hello, my name’s Tigger.

I am a ginger and white kitten with a cute short bob tail. I was abandoned at Dempsey Road car park in Singapore. The volunteer of Cat Welfare Society rescued me when I was 6 months old and named me DG aka Dempsey Goosy. As there are many pubs located there, she uploaded my photo on her Facebook looking for a fosterer to adopt me because she is worried I might end up a hit-and-run victim as the drivers do not really care for my safety. Subsequently, I was adopted by a nice family on 9th August 2014 who has a 27 month old cat named Oreo.

Tigger 1 Found Car Park

Wild Child

The initial 4 months wasn’t an easy task in raising me. Oreo kept growling and hissing at me. This gives mommy a lot of problems. Since Oreo does not get along with me, my mommy puts us in separate rooms. I roam freely in her kitchen behind a DIY mesh gate because I do not like to be caged. I am a messy kitten who likes to overturn my food and water bowls. I also like to chew and destroy things in her kitchen. I have a habit of scratching around my food bowls, almost as if I am trying to “bury” my food under the kitchen floor. This behavior may reveal my lineage. “The wild ancestors of cats would bury their food to save it for later, so they could return to it.”

Tigger 2

Mischief Magnet

I am a hyperactive and mischievous kitten. I destroyed a calligraphy scroll hung on my mommy’s kitchen wall. I also removed some of her refrigerator magnets. I like to hide things such as chopsticks, toys, magnets, etc. For my safety, mommy relocated most of her things in her kitchen. She is very patient with me and loves me a lot although I am a messy kitten.

I am an intelligent and inquisitive kitten. I know how to open the kitchen cabinet doors, toilet gully trap and switch on the dining area fan by pulling the strings. Although I am cheeky and mischievous, my mommy finds me adorable and funny. I make her laugh. I look at my mommy when she talks to me. I like to follow her around and stick close to her.

Tigger 6

A Softie for Winnie the Pooh

I am now 11 months old and I will be turning 1 year old in February. I enjoy eating wet food. I love playing with catnip toys, boxes, cat trees and cushion strings. My favorite toys are Winnie The Pooh soft toy and mousie that my mommy bought for me. After she noticed that Oreo’s fighting with me is getting lesser, she leaves the kitchen DIY mesh gate open whenever she is at home so that I can roam around the house.

Tigger 5

I am fortunate to be adopted by my mommy because I do not have to live as a stray in a dangerous car park searching for food and shelter. She has given me a fur-ever home filled with lots of love, bowls are always full and beds are always warm. She is proud to be a pet parent. We are one happy family.


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