Cat Tales: The Throwaway Kitty


Hello, I’m Nermal.

…This is my adoption story.

Me and my fuzzy, grey twin sibling used to spend our days looking out the window, curious as any baby kitties can be. This wonderful man would walk by our window and play with us through the glass.

He’d come by every morning on his way to work and every evening on his way back home. We were happy kitties as can be, thinking we were in our forever home…


Life on The Outside

One hot Arizona morning those first humans kicked me out of the house and made me an outdoor baby kitty.

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But my sibling stayed indoors.

If any food was in my food bowl it was human scrap food. I don’t think I ever tasted real kitty food back then.

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The wonderful man was so kind. He always tried feeding me kitty food and kitty treats because he felt sorry for my situation, and because I was cute.

Being a baby kitty I was very playful. I was always running around the busy parking lot.


How I Made a Ferocious Friend

One day this ferocious hunter tabby cat was out exploring and I was sooooo hungry that I went to the wonderful man. He fed me and gave me water.


I went inside, slept, ate and played for hours and hours. But the ferocious hunter tabby kitty came back and kept his distance.

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He was pouting in the distance with all the love that wonderful human gave me.


Getting Free Food from My Human Friend

That wonderful man was trying to find a way to keep me inside but I was making too much noise. He knew his neighbors would hear (the ones that threw me out). So he’d let me walk out into the dark, wondering how he could keep me in his home.

It was a tricky situation, so he decided that he was going to find a new place to live and take me with him. During his search for a new home, he would always feed me nom moms and give we water.

—The ferocious tabby hunter cat would get grumpy and pouty. But all I wanted to do was play with him!


(This is him grown up, in his castle. In fact, all these pictures are of us many years later!)


My Family Moves Away

One day, right before he was going to sign a lease for a new apartment, my first humans had a moving truck show up and moved away. Essentially abandoned a baby kitty, ME. I wasn’t even a concern to them! They left my food bowl empty and water bowl with dirty water.

The wonderful human man tried looking for me but I was such a playful kitty, I ran around, and away. He had a big project at work. Every time he went home from work I was nowhere to be found. He would leave me food and water in the bowls the neighbors had left behind.

When he’d come home it was gone so he knew I was eating it.


Getting My New Digs

One morning he was going to work and did his normal look around for me.

As he was driving away he saw me playing with leaves in the busy parking lot as any playful baby kitty would. He called for me and I ran to him, then he picked me up and took me inside my forever home.


I loved my new home immediately!

The water bowl was always fresh and I always had nom noms. I could run around the inside and there were all kinds of kitty toys to play with. The only problem was the ferocious tabby hunter cat; he didn’t seem to like me all that much.

I didn’t understand, because I loved him sooo much. I was excited about having a sibling again, but ferocious hunter cat was always an only cat. He would keep his distance and watch me and moan when I went close.

When he did that, I would still run right up to him and hug him and play with him.

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How I Made Hobbes My Friend

One of my favorite games was to sit on a chair and wait for him to walk underneath …. then leap off and pounce on him.

Every night as he slept I would go right up next to him and cuddle him and fall asleep right against his side. As the days passed his moaning at me gradually subsided and he realized that I wasn’t going away. He even started playing with me and would groom me when I cuddled with him….

Tabby Cat

(My friend!)


My New Life

Thank you for reading my story on how I went from a throwaway kitty to finding my forever home. That wonderful man came to be my #bestesthumandaddy and that ferocious tabby hunter cat came to be my big brother Hobbes.

That was 8 years ago and we now cuddle all the time!

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PS: We now have a human step-mom (she’s OK I guess) and recently adopted a lil kitty sister.



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