Cat Tales: Kirby Wobbles But He Won’t Be Put Down!


My cat’s name is Kirby.

I have always been an advocate of rescue cats. As such, I have always followed cat rescues and sanctuaries on Facebook and enjoy seeing the success stories about cats finding their forever homes.

I had never rescued via social media, until one day in November of 2014 when I saw his picture.


Special Needs

He was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia otherwise known as “wobbly cat syndrome”. The disease means he has no sense of balance or depth perception, which makes him wobbly to the point that he tumbles. His adoption was a long shot, they explained, because of the kind of home that he required: a large open floor plan, single-level.

He would have to spend the rest of his life indoors. In addition, he required someone to monitor him 24/7 and have the time and patience to teach him how to adapt to his new home.

To me this was perfect, I didn’t care what it took! He was already part of my family in my mind and heart.


Determined for Kirby

After two weeks of intense conversation with the director of the shelter and “background vet checks” for our other animals (not to mention many pictures of our home environment), we finally set out to Ohio to get our wonderful wobbly new family member.


Special Newborn Friendship

This all happened in the midst of my ninth month of my first pregnancy. So we were more than mildly determined to give this boy a forever home.

It has been four months since that day and now we can’t imagine our lives without Kirby. He has wobbled his way into our hearts and has developed a very special bond with our 3 month old son that is nothing short of a miracle to witness, each and every day.

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You Can Help Cats Like Kirby!

I shutter to think what could have happened to this sweet boy after reading about how kittens born with his disability are usually euthanized at birth, or shortly after. Kirby may wobble and he may tumble now and again, but he is perfect in our eyes and is the image of what you can accomplish when the odds are stacked against you. The answer? Anything.

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