Cat Tales: The House That Love Built


My cat’s name is Sherman, Newbee and Mr. Scraggs, Jr.

I started caring for a feral cat colony three years ago outside my office. I knew about feral cats but not much else. In three years I have cared for the cats, fed them, built them insulated shelters with straw, feeding stations, had them all fixed and generally just made a real difference for these cats. I am now an authority on feral cats and spread awareness on their behalf through my work and advocacy. 

There were only four remaining after three years (many succumb to cars and predators I have had about 13 over the years).


Betsy’s life was the last straw

When one of my favorite cats, Betsy, was hit and killed by a car a few weeks ago  …I had enough. And I was going to do anything possible to get those cats out of that office park, especially since a few weeks ago I also lost my job there and could not be with the cats all day watching them. I only go to feed now, so I decided that I would try to raise the money to build a safe enclosed 10×20 cat habitat in my backyard:


Betsy’s Luxury Safe House

My supporters helped me, and I have raised over $1300 dollars and am building a luxury enclosure with a cat house that will be heated. This will be the first time in their lives they have a real “home” with heat!


The cat enclosure will be named “the house that love built” and the cat house itself is going to be in memory of Betsy named “Betsy’s Luxury Safe House”. It will have a laminated picture of her hung on it.



I am very proud of all I have been able to accomplish. I was just one person that chose to care a few years ago and now I am giving feral cats and voice and educating others about their plight and the importance of trap, neuter, return.

– Trudy

Submitted 8-28-2013


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