Cat Tales: Hopie About Life


This is Hopie, My Cat.

Hopie was born with twisted limbs, and a deformed spine and jaw.

This tiny little baby stole my heart the moment I saw her. Despite the fact she was given no chance of survival by the vet, I brought her home bottle fed and cared for her.

It was a tough road at first, not knowing if she would make it through each and every day, but slowly she began to grow and learn to walk on her twisted limbs.

No one had ever seen a kitty like her before, so no vet could give me any guidance as to what to do for her limbs.


Happy and Friendly

When Hopie was about 16 months, I saw a story about another kitten like her who had a Facebook page. So I created one for Hopie.

Soon she had thousands of friends and we got to know other kitties like her.

Hopie is happy and funny, and the love of my life.

She cannot run, jump or climb but she has a special room that is padded and filled with all the things she loves.


Hopie is now 4 an a half years old. We have started a Go Fund for her to now get her a wheelchair cart.



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