Cat Tales: Gia My Rescue

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My Cat’s Name is Gia.

My beloved Ragdoll Moses was my world, but he became ill and was dying. I knew the grief would be great and I live alone, so I knew I would need help through my grief. I decided if Moses had to die, that I would adopt this time instead of buying.

I went to the local pound and met Gia.

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Like Meeting an Old Friend

Her name [at the pound] was Pumpkin, so I renamed her. I had been looking at her pic for a week and I just knew she was meant to be my cat. I went to see her on a Saturday. When they took her out of her cage and let me hold her, she started licking my hand and as I held her close she hugged me under my chin.

We picked each other.

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I adopted her and the lady there told me that her time was up that day. She would of been killed if I had not went to get her that day. 


My Little Savior

She went to the Vet the following Monday, and I brought her home late that afternoon. When we finally got home, my beloved Moses passed on to the Rainbow Bridge just minutes after my return. My grief was so great; but Gia helped me.

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I never expected to love her so much.

This was October of last year, and I still cry for Moses every day; but I am thankful that I have Gia. I am proud that I saved her life, and she saved mine.



Did you save your cat from being put down, just in the nick of time? If so, please share your story with us and inspire the community to foster and adopt the helpless.


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