Cat Tales: Chance by the Edge of the Woods


My cat’s name is Chance.

We first called him “Chance” because that’s all he had. His feral mother abandoned him at birth on a frosty early May 2012 day and we awoke to his pitiful crying — over 50 ft away! We found him alone in the leaves at the edge of our woods. He had been stuffed under a canoe by his mother with 3 other siblings.


She had moved the 3 elsewhere, but left this little black & white guy behind to die, abandoned. We waited hours for her to return, but she never did. He was so tiny!! We took him in and bottle fed him every 2 hrs around the clock for weeks. He flourished, but was still very sickly.

Strength in Trials

He developed terrible abscesses on his legs which eventually crippled his front legs. We found out shortly after that he was born without hips, has scoliosis & fused elbow joints that cannot bend. The doctor pronounced “abnormality of coxotemoide articulation bilaterally scleralis”, whatever that is. He cannot sit like a regular cat, but stands like a human and lays a bit awkwardly. He cannot “walk” normal; his one arm flops out to the side and his gait is very stilted.


He manages to run very well however! We renamed him “Trooper” because he has been one through his entire ordeal. He is a playful, bounding little boy and the joy of our lives, our Fluffernutter-Sooper-Dooper-Trooper-Pooper.

Troopy lives in the Poconos area of Pennsylvania USA along with his 7 brothers & sisters, all rescues & still sees his outside ever-growing feral family.

– Chance aka Trooper


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