Cat Craft Fun For The Whole Family

When it comes to cat lovers there’s no denying that they are part of our families. Most of us, however, have children and significant others under that title as well. It’s hard to include everyone with kitty play time all the time and things like rare breeds may be lost on the tongues and in the minds of little ones.

cat paper plate photo

Photo by riptheskull

A good way for everyone to come together and enjoy your feline friends is crafting! There are so many wonderful things that can be made to honor your cats from paper plate art to more complex Sock cat’s and mice.

Some more simple crafts could involve simply printing out free coloring pages online. There are quite a few sources that include simple prints to much more complex cat-based mandalas for those who have the desire for detail. Another great craft involves paper plates and creating a look-alike kitty to match the one (or many) in your own home.

cat coloring photo

One of the BEST things that you can do as a family is to make crafts for your furry friends! Some old shirts and good directions, along with some polyester fill and catnip, make a great little cat toy that the whole family can help in making. Hand sewn or done by machine, your little furry buddies will love it regardless and you and your family get the added enjoyment of knowing that you made the thing that’s keeping your cats unwavering attention.

If you have a green thumb then perhaps growing some wheat grass (also known as cat grass) for your feline friends may be right up your alley? It grows well in most climates, grows well inside or outside and should your kitty enjoy it you can easily have multiple medium sized pots to rotate through. With some simple care, a few items and some zest for growing your family will be on their way to growing these green gifts in no time.

cat grass photo

If you’re good at sewing then perhaps making a terry cloth kitty is for you! There are tons of patterns online to make loving little feline friends that you don’t have to feed or bring in for yearly vaccinations. These are perfect for adults to make for children so that the little ones are less likely to pull on the real Fluffy’s tail. (Fluffy will thank you with lots of purring I’m sure.)

No matter what you’re skill set there are fun crafting things out there for everyone in every walk of life and who better to be the centerpiece than the cats we adore. These crafts are a good way to take up a few hours, take on the go (coloring anyone?) or take up an entire weekend. From using some of Dad’s old shirts to planting ongoing projects to give to your cat later, there’s something for every member of your family from small to tall.

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