Cat breeding is thought by some to be a stuffy and dull pastime, but sometimes things happen that catapult the breeding world into the spotlight. These Cat-Astrophes may be scandalous and eyebrow-raising, but, whatever they are, they’re never dull!


Asheras For Sale – Not!

leopard cat photo
Photo by tontantravel

This is a case of a cat wearing a coat of a different color! When specimens of the “supposed” new and exciting Ashera breed with their lanky legs and keen sense of hunting play were sold by Lifestyle Pets, they were marketed as a cross between the domestic house cat, the Asian leopard and the African serval.

Great excitement surrounded this so-called unique breed, and interest was intense, as were prices. But little did the buyers know that all they were buying were Savannahs packaged as a new breed.

DNA testing exposed the hoax and stopped the sales, but who knows whether cheated purchasers – some of whom paid upwards of $125,000 per cat – got their money back!


The Curious Case of the Singapore Drain Cat

singapura cat photo
Photo by Lil Shepherd

The history behind the Singapura is such a mystery that Koko and Yum-Yum, the famous sleuthing Siamese duo, would be hard pressed to come up with the true story!

Depending on which version one believes, this rare breed of small cats with their light-brown ticked fur were either rescued from the drains of Singapore and whisked to fame and fortune in the USA or were imported from the USA to Singapore, had their names changed, and then taken back to the US to be touted as a new breed.

This story has more twists and turns than a Cornish Rex’s coat, and only one thing is known for sure: the truth may be out there, but it’s hiding down a drain in Singapore!


Cold Case Files: The Refrigerator Cat

albino cat photo
Photo by rocketjim54

The Legend of The Refrigerator Cat Cat was born in Pittsburgh in 1894. The story tells of a new breed of extremely furry cat that spontaneously developed after Pittsburgh businessmen introduced cats into their refrigerated warehouses to try and solve their rat problem.

Apparently these cats loved the cold, died in the sunlight and thrived behind closed warehouse doors. The story soon spread across the US and across the world, and mentions of this cool cat turned up as far away as Manila in The Philippines.

The legend was still going strong in the 20th century, but, as is usually the case, the truth was far simpler: one litter of albino kittens had been born to one cat in one cold warehouse. As direct sunlight was too bright for their weak eyes, they stayed indoors.


Other controversies include the ongoing debate about whether bobcats actually do crossbreed with domestic cats to produce the “bob” breeds – genetic testing hasn’t discovered any bobcat genes – and whether or not breeding the so-called “Twisty Cats” should continue.

All these stories only go to show that cat breeding and classification isn’t as tedious and boring as some might think!

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