Can Cats Co-habit with Other pets?


Cats are believed to be solitary animals, despite the fact that even in the wild, big cats live in groups; whether that be a small family group of two or three, or a bigger extended family.

Farm cats, or those deemed to be stray or even feral, do not necessarily live alone for their entire life.

More often than not, farm cats live in large groups, often comprised of extended family groups.

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Domestic cats can be different however, and it is not uncommon to witness negative reactions from an established feline pet, when a new member of the family is introduced.

Though a common reaction, it is seldom an indication that cats need to live alone.


Many households can have a cat and a dog, or multiples of both species; perhaps smaller animals share the household; but the point is, cats can live quite happily along side other pets providing the introduction is carried out in a sympathetic manner.

It is hard for anybody to adjust their entire lifestyle to a newcomer; this is not exclusive to felines! Compromise is needed.

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For instance, if your cat has been your sole pet for a number of years, it should not be a surprise when that cat hisses and spits and displays defensive body language when you bring home a bouncing, energetic puppy who simply wants to play.

A sole pet cat will have the same reaction to a kitten or even a baby.

The cat sees it as a major change and perhaps a threat, so allowances must be made to ensure all of the pets in your household are comfortable and safe and secure, and have a safe place to go to in times of need, whether that is a high shelf or a cozy cat igloo.

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There is absolutely no reason that cats should have to be solitary, as long as you ensure introductions are made slowly and with consideration.

My own family consists of myself, a partner, two cats and two dogs, all of whom have arrived at different times, but all living in harmony.

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Cats are not solitary animals and do not need to be in a domestic setting. Like any living creature, they enjoy the company of others, and like all of us, they enjoy their own space and company every now and then.

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