British Longhair

Photo by Foshie CC

Also known as Lowlander in the United States and Britanica in Europe, the British Longhair is almost identical to the British Shorthair. The coat is lustrous and the body is stout. Their legs are short, but strong. They come in colors such as: black, white, cream, chocolate, cinnamon or fawn. The patterns include: self, tabby, smoke, color-pointed and tortoiseshell. Since British Longhairs are less active, calm and easy going, they make good house pets. However, they are prone to obesity if kept as indoor-only cats. The Longhairs do require brushing or matting will occur, especially during autumn and winter seasons due to their coats thickening around this time.

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  1. we have a feral long hair beautiful cat I originally thought it came from Greece but according to your picture its british

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