Bringing the Jungle Into the Home

Cat Near Stream by S. Jury
Cat Near Stream by S. Jury

For thousands of years cats have interacted with humans. At least since the time of the Egyptians, who are believed to be the first to domesticate cats, cats have somehow been a part of human civilization.

According to National Geographic, cats became a part of other civilizations and different cultures soon after the Egyptians domesticated them. All cats belong to the same species, Felis catus, no matter the different breeds and whether or not they are wild or domesticated.





Similiarities Between Domestic and Wild Cats

wild cat photo

When you look at the behavior of wild cats and compare it to that of domestic cats, they are incredibly similar. Domestic cats, like those of the wild, are hunters by nature and can defend themselves as well as kill their prey using their sharp teeth and claws.

All cats have quick reflexes and incredible senses to use to their advantage. According to the LA Times, cats’ meat intensive diet is what made them linger on the edges of human civilization. Because of this, it was much easier for cats to assimilate into civilization and become a part of human society.


Possible Origins

Although different breeds of cats are different, they are all connected and related to each other. According to Big Cat Rescue, “a new gene study tells a different tale….all [domestic] cats are related to each other, and they all come from the same place, and that’s the Near East.”

Following the different traits and genetics involved with the numerous cat species in both domesticated and wild cats, they are incredibly similar. According to the LA Times, between domestic and wild cats there are only 13 genes differing between the two. This makes them so close to each other and their original ancestors, that it’s shocking that these great felines are now important parts of so many families across the globe.

Because of these huge similarities between wild felines and domesticated cats, we now basically have the wild cats living in our households.

Knowing this important fact about the similar genetics between wild and domestic cats, there is a revolution going on in the cat breeding world. Because of all of these important facts we are learning about our dearly beloved felines, there is hope to breed cats to be better household pets.

People in the cat breeding industry have dreamed about making cats perfect household and family pets, and now they have more information about them than ever before.


Good as Companions and Self-Reliant

cat basking in sun
Cat Basking in Sun by R. KATZEN

Would people really want their dear furry family members to change?

What society loves most about these furry little felines is that they are so self reliant. They use the bathroom in convenient sand boxes, making it easy to clean up. They are happy on their own and only cuddle with their human partners whenever they deem fit.

Cats are perfect just the way they are. They are self reliant and can survive on their own if they were ever to get lost (we can thank those sweet similarities between them and their wild brothers for that). Cats are in all honesty, just the best kind of house pet a person can have!


Article submitted by a guest writer.

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