What Is The Biggest Cat Breed You Can Find For A Pet?

What is the biggest cat breed you can find for a pet? The answer to this question must be shared by two amazing breeds: the Maine Coon and the Savannah.

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Savannahs and Maine Coons tie for “biggest cat in the world” title because, while the Maine Coon holds the world record for length, the Savannah holds the record for height.

The Savannah breed is a hybrid that sees the domestic cat crossed with the African Serval, and the result is a large breed that is, nevertheless, lean and wiry instead of dense and stocky.

As far as temperament is concerned, Savannahs are intelligent, playful and affectionate cats that never quite lose their Serval hunting instincts and who take their toy-hunting time extremely seriously.


Maine Coons have evolved not to hunt leaping gazelles on the hot African plains but rather to withstand and thrive in the super-cold and snowy winters of the American North East.

Where the Savannah’s fur is short and sleek, the Maine Coon’s is ridiculously heavy and long – all the better to keep them warm – and this, coupled with sheer body size and density, makes them a gigantic breed.

The larger specimens have tipped the scales at over 25lbs, and have stretched out to over 4 foot long, and they are the loving, personable and loyal Goliaths of the cat world.

maine coon cat photo
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It’s a Savannah cat called Scarlett’s Magic who grabbed the record for the World’s Tallest Cat when she was measured at a whopping 18 inches from toe to shoulder during 2010.

Savannah’s usually measure between 14 to 17 inches – compare this to a domestic cat’s 9 to 12 inches to get an idea of the difference between them – and so it’s obvious that Scarlett’s Magic is an outstanding example of the breed.


Stretching to a whopping 48.5 inches – over 4 foot! – from tip of tail to end of nose, Stewie the Maine Coon was once the longest cat on the planet.

Unfortunately, Stewie has since passed on, but his legacy will remain forever, or at least until another gigantic Maine Coon comes along to take his place. The previous record holder was, by no great coincidence, also a Maine Coon, and he or she measured 48 inches exactly!

maine coon cat photo
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Savannahs are spotted beauties, and their gorgeous coats come in four varieties of color: smoky, black, brown and silver.

Maine Coons come in many different shades, and their long and thick fur can look amazing in hues like BlueCream Calico, Shaded Silver, Tortie Smoke and Black Silver Ticked Tabbie.

The sleekness of the classic Savannah-look is very at odds with the heavily furred and ruffed Maine Coon – and these cats can also have lynx-like tufted ears – but, over the centuries, each cat has evolved and adapted its body-type and look to best suite its surroundings and habitat.

maine coon cat photo
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Both Savannahs and Maine Coons make wonderful and stunningly beautiful pets, so all a prospective owner has to do is choose if they want tall and lean or long and chunky.

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