Photo courtesy of: fluffyavenger
Photo by fluffyavenger CC

Registered with the International Cat Association (TICA)) since 1983, the Bengal has a sort of wild appearance with large spots and stripes which are reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat. However, they were developed to have a friendly temperament. Bengals are described as charming, stunning and very demanding about having their way. Their coats have an iridescent sheen, making it appear glittery. They love to play hide and seek. One word of caution. Whereas, most cats try to avoid water, the Bengals are drawn to it. Owners who have aquariums should be careful about securing its habitants. It has come to the attention of some that an early onset autosomal recessive disorder can be found in this breed. The disease appears to be a photoreceptor disorder and can lead to blindness within the first year of age.

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