Beautiful White Cats on Instagram!

Who doesn’t love dedicating their spare time to browsing the Internet watching videos of animals on YouTube or staring at pictures of them for hours and hours? If you’re looking to fulfill the void of not actually owning a cat yourself, then Instagram is the place to go as they have no shortage of fluffy cat photos!

White cats especially seem to have become a trend in the social media sphere. These elegant creatures with their lightly colored eyes are collecting the hearts of many with thousands of likes on each picture.


The first of seven accounts goes by the username thrasher_cat. Thrasher is a clicker trained, bow tie-wearing, friendly cat who has over 17,000 followers on his Instagram.

He is a beautiful white cat with green eyes that can steal the heart of anyone he meets. His owner even runs her own blog about how clicker training Thrasher has brought their relationship closer!


With nearly 10,000 followers, the next account goes by the username jyj056863. This account is dedicated to two absolutely gorgeous white Persians. These owners mainly post videos of their cats so all of their followers can see the two cats in action!

Some videos show the siblings playing together while others shine the spotlight on the cats individually. This is the account to follow if you’re looking for videos of the two playing with their toys or even simply listening to their adorable meows.


This next gorgeous feline is named O’rilley Oreo and her account, which has just over 2,100 followers, is called orilley_and_family. She has a unique black patch on the top of her head which comes down her face just above her right eye.

Her Instagram features mostly pictures of the cat sleeping and laying around while also having some videos that the family posts of her. She also has a few dogs as siblings who make guest appearances on her page, but of course, the main focus is on this beautiful cat.


Two is better than one in the following page! Dami, a multi-colored calico, is the mother of Jiri who is an all white kitten. Jiri has a uniqueness in which she has one blue eye and one green while her mother’s are both green. Their owner has an account entirely dedicated to this lovely family bond called damiandjirigoyangi.

Each photo is captioned with quirky quotes relating to the expression or pose of the cats in each picture to give viewers an insight on what she believes her cats are thinking.


This next cat deserves just as much as love as all of the others even though he happens to be deaf. His name is Casper and his Instagram is adventures_with_casper. His username rings true to the photos that are displayed on his account.

He does some fence walking, goes on road trips, and even takes trips to the pet store to get his food! This photogenic, blue eyed cat doesn’t let his hearing loss stop him from living a fulfilled life with his owner!


This one is almost too cute to handle! Her username on Instagram is kim.soyeon.33 and she is a fluffy white cat, again with one blue and one green eye! Her owners like to dress her up in various outfits and hats and this stylish kitten does not seem to mind one bit!

This silly cat seems to love fitting into small places such as bags, sinks, and even washing machines! What cat doesn’t?


Sadly, the cat scrolling comes to an end with the last one! This white cat has a very fitting name to his color. His name is Milky and his Instagram is milky_diaries. His owner also mixes videos with photos of the cat. However, he has a unique theme to his page. All of his photos are circular which makes scrolling through a bit more fun!

Clearly, cats have been making their way to the top of Internet searches for years and Instagram is now another outlet in which owners can bring their cat to social media fame! Enjoy scrolling through and possibly shedding tears of happiness over how adorable these fluffy white cats are!

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