Photo courtesy of: Stephanie Booth
Photo by Stephanie Booth CC

The breed is also known as the Malayan and was developed ‘by accident’ in Britain in 1981 by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg. This breed has the body shape of a Burmese but should have a difference in coat color. They have a muscular and compact body with a round face. The Asian cats are strong-willed, have loud voices, love to explore and demand attention. Asians adapt well to apartments so long as there are no poisonous house plants around and the apartment is not located in a city. This cat does not like loud outside noises. Their coats can be kept clean and shiny by rubbing it with a flannel cloth, chamois or glove and brushed once a week. Although they have next to no health issues, the Asians are prone to snoring because of their facial frame and renal problems. They also tend to live a long time.

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