A Complete Guide to Fluffy Black Cat Breeds

Below we’ll talk about 3 breeds of cat that have been bred for fluffy black fur that many may not be aware of…

They also are of moderate temperament and make great house pets as well. Once seen, falling in love with them is easy. The three, The Turkish Angora, The Siberian, and The Selkirk Rex are three of the most beautiful black fluffy cats in the world.

For a truly exotic breed of fluffy black cat, try the Turkish Angora

To truly get long black fluffy fur there is nothing like the Turkish Angora. Though the Angora can be found in many colors, overall the black is the favored of many.

Originally they’re from central Turkey in the area that is now called Ankara, but a long time ago it was called Angora.

First brought to Europe in the 17th century to Italy where it became a hit and a breeding pair started it all.

From there it went to France and it is said Cardinal Richelieu himself became enamored with them and King Louis XIV was painted on several occasions with his favorite named brilliant. The sad thing is that the breed almost died out with the rise of popularity of the Persian.


But, fortunately, the Turkish government stepped in and began the conservation of the breed at the in Ankara zoo.

World War I intervened and the breed was almost forgotten until after the war when American breeders in their European counterparts began to import breeding pairs.

Though originally the only available color was white now they are bred for virtually any color and one of the most popular ones today is, of course, the favored fluffy black.

The Siberian Cat: a scaled-down Tiger that bred with wild forest cats to produce a loyal and friendly breed
A Siberian is a loyal cat and one that has luxurious fur that makes them the one to cat to have.

Regal as the Siberian tiger along with a voluptuous and soft fur coat that one can almost sink into.

It is believed that this cat originally migrated from West Russia and then bred with the native steppe and forest cats of Siberia. From their descendants, are now known as the Siberian that many have come to know and love.

These cats are very strong and muscular and their multiple layers of for protect them from the harsh Siberian winters.

These cats in the 18th century moved to the Far East as Russia colonized south and into the Far East. And here they bread with the Far Eastern Forest Cat. This gave the Siberian their characteristic striping that made them resemble a tiger.

Later, however, they were bred for various other color combinations and monotones of which fluffy black is the favorite.

For a cat with a unique look the Selkirk Rex, is the one for many

This breed is a medium-sized 7 to 11 pound with plush fur and the breed originated in 1987 in a Wyoming animal shelter.

Further breeding produced many variations but the one in which many are most interested in is the pure black that comes from the mix of Devon and Cornish Rex genes.

At birth, the fur is very curly and straightens a bit until sexual maturity and the final coat’s development takes 18 to 24 months to come in.

The Selkirk Rex coat of fur is a bit fuller than either the Devon or Cornish Rex from which it descends. This is a truly beautiful breed. But requires gentle grooming as doing so otherwise may break hairs or straighten the curls.

Last words on Fluffy Black Cat Breeds

Today three of the Fluffiest and blackest cats were highlighted as well as being from more unusual breeds of fluffy black cats, which also have unique histories.

furry black cat photo

That is not to say that the Scandinavian Forest Cat, the Black Long-Haired Manx, and a host of other breeds are not as beautiful and have their following as well. The three that were chosen today we felt, should be brought to the attention of Feline Lovers everywhere for their unique fur and personality traits.

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