7 Cats Who Saved Lives

1 .  Cleo

Cleo, who lives in the United Kingdom, ramped up her normally calm and docile behavior by feverishly running up and down the stairs, to alert her owner, Pauline Jenkins that her husband, Richard was in trouble.

When Pauline checked on her husband, he stated he was having chest pains and when the paramedics arrived, they confirmed that he was having a heart attack and needed to be transported to the hospital.

Even though Cleo is normally a “loner” cat, upon Richard’s return from the hospital, she stayed by his side throughout his recovery.


2.  Masha

Masha became a community hero in Russia when she found an abandoned baby left alone in a box, during the winter of 2015. Sensing that the infant needed help, Masha alerted a neighbor, who was taking trash out, by meowing at the top of her lungs.

Luckily for the 3-month-old boy, Masha kept him warm and saved him from freezing to death, according to local hospital authorities.


3.  Tara

Tara bravely jumped on the back of a neighborhood K-9, who was attacking one of her young family members. Tara’s mom, Erica Triantafilo, witnessed Tara’s heroic feat and together they rescued the boy from the dog’s clinches.

Even though the young man received 10 stitches, he made a full recovery and Tara is now an Internet sensation.

The attack was captured on surveillance cameras and can be seen on YouTube.com.


4.  Koshka

Koshka, a former Afghanistan resident, now lives in Oregon City, Oregon, after saving her owner, Jesse Knott from committing suicide.

Knott found Kosha while on a tour of duty in Hutal, Afganistan and nursed her back to health.

A couple of months later, Kosha returned the favor by refusing to let the Staff Sergeant take his own life by constantly rubbing up against him, butting his head and purring.


5.  Ringo

Ringo is credited with saving the life of his companion, Khepri, who fell from bed while suffering from a respiratory infection, started choking and almost died.

Ringo’s persistent howling alerted Khepri’s father, who was able to clear her airway so that she could breathe on her own.


6. Baby

In 2010, the normally shy Baby, woke her owner by jumping into his lap, alerting him that their house was ablaze.

Baby, a short-haired Tabby cat, also saved the owner’s wife and their unborn child.


7.  Winnie

A Tabby named Winnie saved her family when she smelled carbon-monoxide in the basement of the family home.

She woke her mom up just in time for her to get her husband and son out of the house before succumbing to the deadly poison.

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