7 Cat Inspired Homes: Catchitecture

Catchitecture is the new science – or is it an art? – of designing your home and garden to be cat-friendly. The following design concepts deserve five gold stars for cat-innovation and inventiveness!


The House of Maneki Neko

Japan has long led the way in pop-culture crazes, and this latest innovation totally deserves the name of “The House of The Lucky Cat”!


With its special cat-walkways, its tiny feline hiding places and its beautifully designed climbing steps, the Plus-Nyan house from Asahi Kasei is the ultimate in catchitecture. It’s even made from materials that are extremely easy to clean and that resist cat scratches!


More Japan: Where Cats Are Children


Japan didn’t stop at one – or even two! – cat-friendly houses, and the Fauna+DeSIGN house has just upped the standard for designs that cater to the cat. This house is filled with multiple cat-walks, both free-standing and wall-attached climbing steps and even comes with special access points through which humans can clean the cat-spaces.


Still More Japan: The Third Wave


Architect Akira Koyama has designed the ultimate in cat-friendly housing: House Taishido, the “Cat House”. This multiple floor dwelling in Tokyo combines, but still separates, the cat and human locations within the house by allowing both to access all areas but by granting cats and humans different access points and methods.


Will Work For Food


The ever increasing work-from-home trend has caused some people to re-model their home-offices with their feline friends in mind. The ideal cat-friendly office offers perches/cupboard tops above the desk where cats lounge while keeping an eye on their working human, and these perches can be made accessible to cats by wall-mounted climbing steps.

Cat Room Design Catchitecture (1)


The Indoor But Outdoor Cat

A new idea that’s fast catching on is building enclosed cat-runs and attaching them to the outside of a house. This allows the cat to get fresh air and to experience the next best thing to actually roaming outside while keeping it safely out of reach of predators and other dangers.

Cats move from indoors to out by squeezing through a cat-door built into the side of the structure and have free access to the outdoors anytime they want.


The More The Merrier

It isn’t enough to provide several scratching posts and a lot of litter trays, and special attention must be given to the layout of one’s home to make it attractive and friendly to multiple cats.

Wherever there are many cats together, they will form family or social groups, and, in the ideal cat-friendly multiple-cat house, these individual groups should all be catered for as they will each have their favorite rooms and spaces.



Outdoor cats also deserve the best, and one way to give it to them involves designing, building and planting the ultimate cat-friendly garden. The ideal cat-garden includes plants that aren’t poisonous to cats – favorites are Michaelmas daisies, sunflowers and geraniums – plenty of multiple-level cat perches, fountains/other water sources and low hedges.


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