5 Simple Home Improvements for Cats

Cats are great companion animals.

They are more independent than most other pets, while providing their owners with love, play, and entertainment.

A great way to show your appreciation to these loyal companions is to provide a stimulating and playful environment.

This does not have to involve complex or expensive updates to your home; in many cases, you can use tools and supplies that you already have.


What are some things you can do to create a more pet friendly home? Below, you will find 5 simple home improvement for cats.


1. Catio or Outdoor Cat Enclosure

cat in the patio photo
Photo by brian395

A great way to give indoor cats a taste of the outdoors without worrying about predators, traffic, or other possible harmful outcomes is to build an outdoor cat enclosure .

Catios create an outdoor environment that offers stimulation and exercise without endangering your feline family member.


2. Window Perch

cat in the window perch photo
Photo by withvengeance86

Installing a window perch  is a simple and inexpensive project that will provide a comfortable, warm space for your cat to nap and enjoy the views outside .


3. Cat Walkways/Shelves/Ladders

cat shelf photo
Photo by scjody

Another way to provide play and stimulation for indoor cats is to create walkways and climbing opportunities within your home.

This can be as simple as installing shelves that give your cat(s) access to higher perches or as involved as creating walkways and tunnels throughout your house.

No matter how complex or simple you choose to go, installing walkways and/or shelving for your feline companion is an easy and inexpensive update to your home that provides him or her an expanded environment to explore.


4. Pet door

cat flap photo
Photo by stephenhanafin

A pet door is beneficial for many pet owners. Usually associated with dogs, pet doors have many helpful applications for cat owners as well .

Installing a pet door for your indoor/outdoor cat allows him or her access to the outdoors as needed without requiring a human to open the door.

Pet doors are convenient for indoor cats as well. They can be installed throughout the house to allow cats access to various rooms without having to leave doors open. Pet doors are easy to install and can be found at most home improvement and pet stores.


5. Cat grass

cat grass at home photo
Photo by shannonkringen

Many cats enjoy grazing on grass as a treat. Cat grass can provide necessary roughage and fiber to your companion’s diet.

However, much of the grass outdoors has been exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to your pet.

A great way to provide your cat with this treat is to grow cat grass indoors. It is inexpensive and grows quickly while giving your cat a healthy and safe alternative for his or her grazing needs.


Completing any of these simple home improvements for cats will be highly beneficial to you and your companion.

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