5 Popular Fashion Trends Inspired by Cats

It is no secret that the world loves cats. Cats of all kinds have found their way into all aspects of our culture. You can hardly turn on a TV show or movie without seeing a cat or a reference to cats.

Most recently love for cats has made it’s way into the fashion industry. Clothing, accessories and jewelry inspired by our feline friends can be found almost anywhere.

Here are 10 of the most unique fashion trends inspired by cats.

1. Cat Flats

These adorable mint flats feature the face and ears of a black cat on the front with the tail extending around the back of the shoe. Unlike some novelty, animal inspired, clothing, these are extremely wearable. They are made of comfortable, vegan faux-leather and the style of the flat makes them perfect to wear for long days and even walking.

2. Cat Tights

One quick internet search and you will quickly be able to see that there is no shortage of tights and leggings with cat designs. Some feature a more traditional face of a cat with ears at the top of the tights while others play with the idea of a run in your tights by putting a design of a cat sliding down the back of the tights while the claws tear them. Either way, the next time you find yourself with a run in your tights, you can blame the cat!

3. Car Ear Headbands

Ever since celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Katy Perry started wearing headbands with cat ears, this feline trend skyrocketed in popularity. They come in every style from dainty, thin, metal headbands to large, brightly colored or even floral ears. These were extremely popular fashion accessories at music festivals all through 2015 and will most likely be found there again this year.

4. Cat-Eye Liner

Perhaps the most widely know trend inspired by cats is the cat-eye makeup look. You would be hard pressed to go to any event, party or red carpet without seeing tons of women wearing cat-eye liner. This makeup style has been around since the Ancient Egyptian times and is no less popular today than it ever has been.

This look, a favorite of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift, is one of the most popular styles of eye liner and is used by many makeup artists in the entertainment and fashion industries.

5. Cat Phone Case

This is a perfect option for cat enthusiasts who may want a slightly more subtle way to show love for their four-legged friends. This adorable matte black phone case features ears sticking up from the top, little feet at the bottom of the front and a tiny tale on the back. With this case you can keep your phone protected and never have to go long without thinking about how much you love your furry, feline, friend.

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