5 Native Breeds of Cats to America

American breed cat photo
Photo by gnuckx

There are a wide variety of cat breeds that are native to America, from the Pixie-Bob to the Maine Coon, and this is their story.


The Pixie-Bob

pixie bob cat photo
Photo by schizoform

Originally thought to be the result of a bobcat/domestic cat cross-mating, Pixie-Bobs have since been proven to be totally domestic and are accepted as a Native New Breed arising in the USA.

Pixie-Bobs, named after the first of the breed, the Legend Cat Stone Island Pixie, come in both long hair and short hair varieties and have very distinctive spotted tabby coats.

They take four years to grow to their full size – other breeds take only one – can become extremely large and are also often polydactyl. Pixie-Bobs are curious and intelligent and appreciate constant stimulation.


The Toyger

toyger cat photo
Photo by Nickolas Titkov

The Toyger, or Toy Tiger, breed is the result of a very selective breeding program designed to produce a breed of domestic short haired cats with tiger-like markings to highlight the plight of endangered tigers.

Accepted as a full championship breed by The International Cat Association in 2007, Toygers can be recognized by their extremely distinctive mackerel tabby markings – dark against a brilliant light background – and by their circular patterned facial markings.

Friendly and calm, Toygers are a delight to interact with despite their faux-wild look.


The Lykoi

werewolf cat photo
Photo by [email protected]!

Also known as Werewolf Cats because of their very distinctive semi-hairless face, Lykois are unique in the cat world as, not only does their fur lack an undercoat, they also molt as they age, and may lose all their hair only to re-grow it later.

Lykoi – Greek for “wolf”originated in Tennessee and Virginia, and the breed is a natural mutation with an abnormality in the cats’ hair follicles being responsible for the lack of undercoat.

At present, Lykois await their Full Championship Breed status, and programs have been established to breed black Lykois as they boast the most dramatic look.


The Chantilly-Tiffany

american cat photo
Photo by dalecruse

One of the several semi-long-haired breeds in North America, the Chantilly-Tiffany is considered descended from, but quite separate to, similar Asian and Burmese breeds.

Chantilly-Tiffanies come in several gorgeous colors, including fawn, chocolate and cinnamon and are incredibly loyal and gentle cats.

Good with children, they will also fit in well with other pets, but dislike being left on their own. With their  these cats are picture perfect!


The Maine Coon

maine coon photo
Photo by karla31

Possibly the most well known American breed, the Maine Coon, said to be descended from doomed Queen Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angora cats, is perfectly equipped to survive, and thrive in, the harsh North East winters.

Blessed with a thick, silky coat that’s unusually water resistant and very large, hair-tufted paws, the Maine Coon is an enthusiastic hunter and an exceptionally intelligent cat. Slow to grow to their full size, these huge, gentle and gorgeous cats make good companions.

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