5 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds with Pics

The Savanna

The Savannah is a cat that has a lineage linked to the African Serval. It is a large domestic cat that can easily get up to 20lbs, sometimes even larger. The Savannah is known for behaving more like a dog than an actual cat.

They are high-energized cats that need a lot of attention and are not particularly fond of being picked up or restrained.

They are great jumpers and are able to climb fences with ease, so it is wise to keep valuables hidden away.

They are more likely to be interested in water, unlike their domestic cousins. The cat is found in wide different varieties, mostly depending on the heritage of its domestic family.


Maine Coon

Maine coon

The origins of the genetics of the Maine Coon are unknown.

What is known is that this large cat (getting up to a whopping 25lbs) is quite laid back, mostly being able to amuse itself, although still enjoy their human companionship.

They often have one person that they are more attached to; they’re more comfortable lying down next to you, than sitting in your lap.

This cat is known to love water, so keeping an eye on your faucet would be a wise idea.

Although these cats are large in size, they are quite friendly and known as the “gentle giant.” Their appearance comes in all different kinds of shades and colors.



The Chausie (chow-see) is another hybrid cat, but this time from a jungle cat. These cats were built for hunting and jumping, easily able to jump up to 8 feet.

They are active pets that need a lot of stimulation to keep these felines happy.

The males are noticeably larger than the females, but these cats are known for getting up to 30lbs! Their fur coats go from browns, blacks, and silvers.

The Chausie sometimes has digestive problems and could be gluten intolerant, so traditional cat foods may not be advised as they can contain gluten and wheat.

Just like the Savannah they are compared to dogs, however, they do not like to be alone for long periods of line, so it is best if you’re going to be away for long periods of time, is to give them a buddy to play with.



The Ragdoll is a cat with semi-shorthair and beautiful blue eyes. They were bred for their calm temperament, which is still true to this day.

They are easy going cats that are great with anyone, even young children, despite the fact that they can grow up to 15lbs for females and 20lbs for males.

They come in different colors; however, their eye color will always remain blue although can range in shades.

The Ragdoll is considered a quite healthy breed of cat, but may have kidney problems later on in life.

Because of their long hair, it is recommended to brush them at least once a day, but with their laid back demeanor, they would probably enjoy the extra attention they receive.


Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat, or also called Wegies by those who own the breed, is a large cat that can get up to 20lbs.

They were bred down from farm cats, making them rather strong and sturdy beneath all the fur. They are pretty laid back cats that are energetic and quite sociable.

They will need plenty of exercise or toys if kept strictly indoors. They are good with children, other cats, and even dogs if the introduction is done carefully.

These cats can live long, healthy lives, but may have kidney or heart problems later on.

Their coat colors can come in different colors. Despite their thick fur, they only need to be brushed on occasion as their fur is largely self-maintaining.


Flickr Image Cred: Fox, Maine Coon, Featured Image CC

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