5 Famous Real Life Cats

Cats have been famous throughout the ages.

Some have been the companions of presidents, others the companions of soldiers or rock stars, and some have even been Internet celebrities.

Here is a list of 5 cats that have made their mark.

1. Grumpy Cat:

freddie mercury cat photo
Photo by Gage Skidmore | cc

Tardar Sauce is Grumpy Cat’s real name.

Almost anyone who has access to the Internet is familiar with this lovable feline.  Grumpy Cat is often featured in memes with not so nice text above and below her eternally grumpy face.

In spite of that fact, she is apparently a very sweet cat. Her parents have taken her all around the world for people to meet her.

Fans are always pleased with what a pleasant cat she is to be around.


2. Unsinkable Sam:

Photo by boardgamegeek | cc
Photo by boardgamegeek | cc

Strictly speaking, the cat called Unsinkable Sam was one a Nazi who turned out to be an ally.  He started out as a cat on a Nazi naval ship named the Kriegsmarine.

He was on the Bismarck, the HMS Cossack, and the HMS Ark Royal.  The reason Sam is famous is because all of those ships sank and Sam survived. When the Bismarck sank, Sam was still under the moniker of Oscar.

Only 118 people of a crew of over 2,000 survived. Sam was found floating on a piece of wood in the ocean.

After that, he went on to survive the sinking of both the HMS Cossack and the HMS Ark Royal. After the second sinking, he was renamed Unsinkable Sam.


3. Maru:

maru the cat photo
Photo by woofiegrrl | cc

This is the cat that is the current ruler of the Internet.  Maru is known for her love of boxes, especially small ones.

She loves to fit herself into the craziest of spaces even though she’s a little pudgy.  Maru is famous on YouTube and is loved by millions around the world.

Maru is an unusual looking cat, and that is because she is part of the Scottish Fold breed.

She is a beautiful blue grey color with lovely markings.


4. Tabby:

Photo by littergetter | cc
Photo by littergetter | cc

Tabby was the first Presidential cat in U. S. history.

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to bring cats into the White House.

He and his son were both animal lovers and after Lincoln’s election, his son asked him if it would be alright for their cat, Tabby, to join them in their new home. Lincoln thought it was a wonderful idea.

After moving to the White House, Lincoln adopted a stray named Dixie.  Lincoln was especially partial to Dixie.


5. Delilah:

Photo by natureofanimals | cc
Photo by natureofanimals | cc

In 1991, Queen released their album Innuendo, which featured the song “Delilah.”  The song is actually about someone very near and dear to Freddie Mercury’s heart: his cat who is named Delilah.

Mercury wrote the song while traveling in Switzerland, so perhaps he was missing his furry companion while traveling the world.

Freddie Mercury loved cats and owned many throughout his adult lifetime.

He’s even been photographed wearing a vest featuring fabric covered in cats.


Cats have been trusted companions throughout history. 

Though two of these cats are Internet celebrities, one is a Presidential companion, another the companion of a rock star, and one a wartime symbol of hope, they all have in common that they were and are loved to this day.

People will continue to be fascinated by these furry felines for centuries to come.

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