5 Distinct American Cat Breeds

American cat breeds photo
Photo by big-ashb

According to  Vet Street  and Pet Finder, the top five pedigreed American cat breeds are:

  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • American Bobtail
  • American Wirehair
  • American Curl

The American Wirehair is found only here in the United States. It is a true “people” cat; it craves any sign of affection from its humans. It is an active, playful cat and it will follow you wherever you go.

They are great companions and have a genuine sense of humor; do not be surprised when your pet goes out of its way to act like the class clown; it loves the attention.

Their name characterizes their dense, ringlet-type coat, which is a course combination of three hair types: crimped, hooked or bent. It has been a popular breed since 1966, when it was discovered in upstate NY.

American wirehair photo
Photo by Petful.com

The Maine Coon is America’s second most popular breed, as noted on the official CFAs registration totals. It is an extremely intelligent cat, sporting a long, luxurious, water-repellent coat, which comes in a wide variety of colors.

It has a healthy disposition and is devoted to its human family; it usually takes a while to warm up to outsiders, so you should expect it to be a bit reserved around strangers. Females weigh up to fourteen pounds while a full-grown male can weigh up to 18 pounds.

It is one of the largest domestic American breeds and has been nicknamed the “Gentle Giant” because of its size and friendliness. Besides their signature raccoon-like tails, these cats like to dunk their food and even play in the water like raccoons.

Unlike other long-haired cats, the Maine Coon’s coat does not mat as easily and only needs to be combed twice a week.

Their thick coats and bushy tails help protect these cats in addition to keeping them warm. They also have large tufted paws that enable them to walk on top of the snow, despite their size.

Maine coon photo

The blue-eyed Ragdoll is a large, mild-mannered, friendly cat with a laid-back, sweet personality, which makes it an ideal indoor companion for children and adults, as well as dogs and other cats.

It is easy to train and some have been taught to play fetch and even to come when they are called. They are playful and love attention but are not hyperactive as some breeds can be. It has thick, non-matting fur and comes in a wide variety of colors.

It is a large, long-haired cat and altered males can weigh as much as twenty pounds. Its name reflects its tendency to so fully relax in a person’s arms, it is just as limp and floppy as a child’s rag doll.

Ragdoll photo
Photo by Morgan D Hartt

The highly intelligent American Bobtail is one of the newer American cat breeds. These people-friendly cats are energetically frisky and playful and they have an uncanny ability to escape from their cages and even a closed-door room.

They are easily taught to play fetch and love to play hide and seek for hours on end.

They are usually quiet companions but will vocalize when it is time for some one on one attention from its humans; they love interacting with people and will be a totally devoted family pet.

It has a similar build to the feral cousin it is named after, with its hind legs slightly longer than the front legs and feet that are large and round and might even have toe tufts. Its most notable feature is its manx-like, bobbed tail. Its coat comes in a variety of colors and it can have either short or long hair.

American bobtail photo

Photo by torbakhopper

It isn’t just their trademark ears that make the American Curl Cat so popular here in the United States. They are very affectionate with people.

American Curl cat photo
Photo by Nickolas Titkov

They are energetic and have a playful curiosity; they are easily taught to play fetch and are noted for being great with children.

Be prepared for a daily wake-up call with this breed; they love being around people and cannot wait to start the day and play with their humans; they are referred to as the “Peter Pan” of felines for this very reason.

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