5 Biggest Domestic Cat Breeds with Pictures

While there are many types of cats which are very small, there are also some larger cat types that sometimes weigh up to 20 pounds or more. We have created a list with some of most impressive big cats that you can find right now in the world, so you can decide which one of these cute creatures can be your pet.

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Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Photo by Fox CC

Just like the name suggest, this big cat has its origins in the state of Maine. It’s also known as the American Longhair cat and it’s one of the oldest types of cats in the US. The interesting thing about this breed is that the males can get up to 25 pounds in weight. Also, they have an intelligence which is above average, as well as a gentle disposition and a luxurious coat which makes them very popular all over the US.


Norwegian Forest Cat

Photo by mitsukuni CC

While the legends say that this breed was brought by the Vikings around 1000AD, the reality is that they do act like a Viking. Not only they go in the cold climates without a problem, but they are also very protective as well. One of the standout things for this breed is the long outer coat, but the wooly undercoat and the stocky build, as well as the friendly attitude successfully complete the package that comes with this one of a kind cat breed.



Photo by Matt and Nayoung CC
Photo by Matt and Nayoung CC

As expected, this breed gets the name from the fact that they are limping like a rag doll when they are relaxed. They are an American cat, however it was created by mixing the Birman and the Persian cats. With a large build and a soft, plushy coat, this breed is one of the most impressive lap cats out there.



Siberian Cat Breed
Photo by Takashi Hososhima, mod CC

These cats are from Russia and they have been there for centuries. Right from the start you will like their luxurious, very soft coat which is considered to be hypoallergenic. These cats have a brave heart, and a the same time they are docile, which is a plus.



Photo by Nickolas Titkov CC

This is the largest cat breed out there, with most of these cats weighing in around 20-25 pounds most of the time. They are a combination of wild African serval and a domestic cat. Also, the Savannah breed is compared to dogs quite a lot because they are loyal to the owners yet shy when it comes to encountering strangers.

As you can see, there are many interesting cat breeds that you can choose from, and each one of them comes with distinct, yet very appealing features. If you love cats and want a bigger, larger one as a pet, then check out this list and find the best breed for you!


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