4 Stunning Black Cat Breeds

Black cats photo
Photo by bella67

Black cats have always been known for their quiet sense of drama and superiority. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped a black cat goddess who represented prosperity and truth, and this legend has endured throughout the centuries to give black cats a sense of mystery and beauty.

In later time periods, black cats were often associated with witches, as witchcraft was a nighttime activity and black cats can become nearly invisible in the dark. Thus, they were judged the most likely companions of witches everywhere.

Today, black cats are still seen as suspicious omens of bad luck by some, but to many, they are kind and mischievous pets that make a great addition to the family.

Although there are many beautiful black cat breeds in the world, here are four some may consider to be the most stunning.


American Shorthair

Black American Shorthair cat photo

Photo by tian2992

American Shorthairs are a popular and classic breed, and according to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), they can also have pure black coats.

These black cats often have gorgeous coats and can also have a wide range of eye colors.

They are known to be intelligent and observant, and are extremely popular in the United States.



bombay cat
Photo by Se Re | CC

The Bombay was created in the 1950s by Nikki Horner of Shawnee cattery.  She was a big time breeder back then, and raised a variety of breeds, including Burmese, American Shorthairs, and Persians.

She bred a Burmese queen to a black American Shorthair tom, and progressed from there, type is intermediate between Burmese and American Shorthairs, with a patent leather sheen on the black coat (show quality Bombays are always black, but there are sable ones), and huge copper-penny eyes.

She called the breed Bombay in reference to the black panthers of India, which they resemble.


Norwegian Forest Cat

black Norwegian Forest Cat photo
Photo by Froskeland | CC

While the Norwegian Forest cat breed might be more widely known for its white cats that blend perfectly with snow, they also possess those with pure black coats.

These very long-haired black cats provide their owners with a stable sense of companionship, although they may not be overtly social.

Their Scandinavian roots show through in their sense of restraint and reserve, but many owners take pride in their agility and climbing skills.

The Norwegian Forest cats lucky enough to show off a pure black coat are truly stunning felines.


Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora photo
Photo by BenjaminThompson | CC

Black Turkish Angora cats are known for their resilient and luxurious coats. This breed is largely water-resistant, some even love to swim.

They are naturally thin and social, and their presence is often likened to that of a small dog’s because of their abundant and playful energy.

Their coat rarely mats and black Turkish Angoras are renowned for their beauty.



Loved for their personalities and admired for their beauty, black cats have long been a subject of interest and fascination among those who took notice of their special looks.

These four breeds are some of the most eye-catching and stunning breeds with a pure black coat.



  1. The Burmese is NOT a black cat. The darkest color is sable, not black You should have used the Bombay instead.

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