35 Cute White Kittens of The Web

Who can resist an adorable, fuzzy, white kitten? Luckily, we have the Internet to help us find the cutest kitten pictures out there. Here are 35 great photos of those cuddly balls of fluff we all love, gathered from sites around the web.

This blue-eyed beauty comes to us from Flickr user emmajnorton.


This happy, little guy was photographed courtesy of Flickr user dougwoods.

White Kitten

Meanwhile, Flickr user Marion is the artist who brings us this sweet, little baby.

Kitten 2 weeks old

The following photos can also be found on Flickr:


99% Angel

Kiêu kỳ - the white fuzzy Turkish cat

The photographer of this shot must have had great timing to capture this kitten as he curiously peered around a corner.


In addition to Flickr, Pinterest has got you covered when it comes to beautiful photos of little, white kitties. Pinterest is a great resource for all kinds of feline photography. These cuties can all be found there:



Don’t you just want to smoosh this little fella with a big, warm hug?

Just look at how happy this floofy feline is with his toy!

White kittens have also served as inspiration to a number of photographers sharing their impromptu cell phone art on Instagram. What makes Instagram especially fun is the wide variety of tools and filters that amateurs can use to give their photos a professional and artistic finish. This means that Instagram lends itself to great kitten photos! Here are some great Instagram shots of white kittens from a variety of users:

what? I'm comfortable!

A post shared by 🎀 Toast Roy 🎀 (@thetoastercat) on


This white kitten is a particularly tiny newborn.

This sweet, sleepy guy just warms your soul as he naps in the sunlight under the window, loving his blankie.

And this photogenic little cat seems like she was born to be a model.

These kittens seem happy to plop down wherever it suits them.

Daddy🍼💛 #whitekittens #nyumnyum #cuties

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These sweeties have found themselves artistically posed with a mirror for a very contemporary look.

This itty-bitty guy has his portrait posted to DeviantArt, a website dedicated where artists of all kinds share their art, including photography. Cats and kittens are always a favorite subject.

Here are some of this friends, who can also be found on DeviantArt:


The photo sharing website Imgur is host to a plethora of great kitten photos, with no shortage of fluffy, white kittens to make us smile. Here are some of the cute photos of white kittens that Imgur has to offer:

After years of wanting a white kitten, I finally got one! Meet Hama!

Check out this sweet, little Persian.

cute white Persian kitten

And this one!

View post on imgur.com

This list is only just a small sampling of all the great photos of adorable, white kittens there are out there on the web. Enjoy!

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