3 Simple Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

1. Give plenty of opportunities for your cat to exercise.

cat on leash photo
Photo by juhansonin

They need exercise too, especially if they stay inside all the time.

You can train your cat to go for walks on a leash.  Here is an awesome tutorial on how to do it:

Huffington Post: cat-on-leash-harness-train-cats-walking


Provide plenty of play toys, bells, ribbons, scratching posts for it to exert extra energy when needed.

It’s also very important and healthy for both you and your cat to have personal time together; you can move the string/toy about and let kitty chase it for a while, or, until he/she gets tired of chasing it!

Have you noticed that your cat won’t necessarily play with the toys that are laying around the house?

That’s because something that is not moving doesn’t really intrigue them, and they won’t want to chase after it.

Even if they do, they quickly realize that it’s not moving on its own and will probably lose interest.

Here are some great ideas about interactive playtime:

Interactive Play Therapy

2. Which is better, dry and wet cat food?

cat food photo
Photo by jetalone

If a proper, quality dry cat food is purchased cats will still get most of their daily vital nutrients.

You can also mix in “diet” food with regular dry food so that kitty is still getting some of the flavor he/she loves but without all of the fat.

Another method is limiting the amount of food kitty gets at different intervals during the day. Avoid handing out treats while he/she is on a diet; these are tasty but loaded with extra calories and fat.


For more information on healthy food for cats:

Pets Web MD: cat-food-101-what-you-need-to-know-about-feeding-your-cat


3. Create more opportunities for your cat to be active inside the house, even when you are not home.

cats and boxes photo
Photo by officialmobilefreq

Mix it up a little! You know that box that you just emptied? Instead of throwing it away, leave it out on the floor (out of your way, of course) to encourage kitty to be more actively curious.


What’s up with cats and boxes?  Cats and Boxes

You may remove it that evening, or simply move it to a different location inside your home.

You may also consider an interactive kitty condo where your pet can hang out and feel safe if needed or use as a jungle gym to keep it occupied.

A content kitty is a happy kitty: How to make a cardboard cat playhouse


Sometimes our cats may be unhappy so it’s important to interact with them (such as talking, singing to or even playtime) to ensure they are content.

This will encourage them to play independently, and if there are plenty of opportunities around the house to engage your cat it will be more likely to play and less likely to gain weight by lack of exercise.

Your cat will show you signs of affection in return, in a variety of ways, to remind you too that all is well.

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