3 Common Long Haired Grey Cat Breeds

There are several short-haired grey cat breeds that are popular in Europe and Asia including France’s Chartreux, Thailand’s Korat and the Russian Blue.

As far as longhaired greys are concerned, however, apart from the rare Nebelung, the grey long-hairs that are found aren’t separate breeds but rather just one possible color of a breed that comes in several colors / color combinations.

The British Longhair: As British As Tea And Cucumber Sandwiches

british longhair cat photo

Photo by Isbjørn-Photography

This cat is British to the core, and comes with a stiff upper lip, a penchant for cucumber sandwiches and likes leading a calm life with lots of sitting down and visits to the pub on the menu!

Like a fair percentage of the famous British Shorthairs, the Longhairs come in a beautiful shade of blue-grey, and, when this fur color is paired with two gleaming amber-bright eyes, these cats can be very fetching indeed.

This stocky and cobby breed was created when British Shorthairs were interbred with long-haired breeds like the Persian and the Turkish Angora, and, although grey isn’t the only solid color they come in – there are also hues like fawn, chocolate and red – it is one of the most striking.

The Persian: Prince Of Persia

persian cat grey photo

Photo by Ben124.

The blue Persian – and cats with grey colored coats are often classed as blue – was once the most common of the breed, and these greys, with their dense and thick fur, are incredibly magnificent specimens. Unfortunately, breeding programs have diluted the gene pool, and there aren’t as many grey Persians now as there once was.

Due to the thickness of their coat, Persians need to be groomed often and thoroughly, and these cats are one of the few breeds that can be trained to enjoy – or at least tolerate – a bath. Sweetly vocal, unassuming and gentle, these cats are a delight to have around and do not require an active environment to keep them entertained.

The Siberian: Mother Russia’s Feline Companion

siberian cat photo

Photo by giori

These strong and hardy cats with exquisitely beautiful long fur are very common in Russia, and are highly prized. This natural breed comes in all possible color combinations, including grey/blue, and only became well known in the West during the early 1990s once the Cold War had ended and all things Russian were allowed to invade the rest of the world.

These are exceptional cats who also enjoy water – which really helps when it comes to maintaining their long, heavy coats in pristine condition – and, always playful, some of them are even up to playing fetch! Bred to withstand the harsh Siberian winters, these cats take a long time to mature but will remain kittens at heart throughout their lives.

The blue/grey coat variation is also found in several other long- and semi-longhaired breeds, including the popular Maine Coon. In most cases, this gorgeous shade is also a color accepted by most, if not all, of the cat fancier associations and registries as part of a breeds’ standard colors.

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