3 of the Most Colorful Cat Breeds with Pictures

maine coon photo
Photo by skeeze|cc

Striking and unique, colorful cat breeds are favorites of many cat lovers.

Whether it’s a calico, tabby or tortoise shell, colorful cats have unique markings and personalities to match.

These are three of the most colorful cat breeds with pictures and personality information.


1. The Calico Manx

Calico Manx cat photo
Photo by A.Davey|cc

Manx cats come in a variety of colors, and the calico version is certainly a beauty.

This breed hails from the Isle of Man located in the Irish Sea.

A genetic mutation is the cause of the tailless Manx.

It is believed that this mutation originated in the Isle’s population of short-tailed cats.


Since it is a dominant gene, it easily spread through the cat population, reports The Cat Fancier’s Association.

However, Manx cats still carry the gene for full tail length and it is possible for two tailless cats to have kittens with tails in their litter.


The original Manx breed has short fur, but when the Vikings occupied this area they brought long-haired breeds that mated with the native cat population.

This is why there are long and short-haired varieties of the Manx.


Manx cats have playful personalities and are very loyal to their owners.

They are known to get along with other animals and kids which is great for active families.


2. The Persian

persian cat photo
Photo by Mariamichelle|cc

Persian cats come in just about every color. Breeders have put a lot of work into curating generations of each specific color, according to PetFinder.

There are around 80 versions of Persian cat colors and patterns, as of 2016.

While their fur is long and beautiful, it does require daily grooming.


This colorful cat breed is gentle, docile and affectionate.

They enjoy calm environments with lots of cozy places to lounge, says VetStreet.

Persians are good with children as long as the kids know how to kindly treat a cat. Generally a quiet cat breed, they communicate mostly with their expressive eyes.


Believed to have originated in Persia, this breed became popular during the Victorian Era in Britain.

Breeders focus on capturing the characteristic stubby nose, round head, flat face and large cheeks.

However, these features continue to be exaggerated and there are now two versions of the Persian: traditional and show.


3. The Maine Coon

maine coon photo
Photo by ristivojevic|cc

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domestic breeds.

They have a rectangular body, long fur and a bushy tail. Like Persians, they come in almost every color available to cats.

This colorful cat breed is the official state cat of Maine, notes Pets Clan.


Currently, no record of the origin of this cat breed exists.

However, there are many theories as to how the Maine Coon came to be. The most widely accepted idea is that Maine Coon cats are descended from the mating of different local breeds in 11th century Northern Europe.

They first became popular in cat shows during the 19th century, according to Wikipedia.
This breed is known to be gentle, playful and intelligent. They play well with dogs and children.

Like dogs, Maine Coon cats are easy to train.

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