25 Best Pictures of Mr. White, Instagram’s Favorite Cat

Mr. White, also known as white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram, has grown to being one of the most recognizable felines in the world. With an impressive following of over 1,000,000 on Instagram it is easy to see the wold has fallen in love with Mr. White. One look at his Instagram page and you can see why.

1. Mr. White plays in his favorite cardboard box

2. Need a ride? Mr. White has you covered.

3. I guess you could say Mr. White wanted to make things a little toasty!

4. This British Shorthair shows off his love for sushi.

5. Coffee just needed some-bunny to play with!

6. Who doesn’t love a fun accessory, Mr. White certainly does.

7. Even Mr. White needs to spend some time with his friends.

8. Coffee puts the “cat” in “cat nap.”

9. Nothing better than some quality bonding time with the humans!

10. Who would want a 2 legged sound engineer when you can have a 4 legged sound engineer!

11. Vacation time? Not without Mr. White!

12. When his soft, short, white coat grows out Mr. White looks a little chubby. We know it’s really just extra space for cuddles.

13. Having a bad day? Coffee understands. He has them too.

14. Coffee has a better grasp on using chopsticks than most people do!

15. “Silly human, you think you are in charge. I know better.”

16. Some call it puppy love, Coffee is a fan of kitten love.

17. At the end of a long day, all Mr. White wants to do is curl up bed.

18. “I am the king of the world!”

19. Coffee has been working on purr-fecting his cat walk. Look out, Fashion Week, kitty couture is on it’s way!

20. “Personal space? What’s that? I’m fluffy, love me.”

21. What does it mean when Mr. White winks at you? Time for dinner, of course!

22. A day out with the squad is just what Coffee needed!

23. “Are you staring at me-ow?”

24. What’s the only thing cuter than an adorable, fluffy, white cat? An adorable, fluffy, white cat in a hat.

25. Mr. White is not amused.

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