15 Facts About Flat Faced Cat Breed

1. You want a persian yet can’t deal with the fur? The Exotic Shorthair has the features of a Persian without the grooming troubles. It is different from the Persian since this breed is actually playful. The Exotic was the cause of breeding a Burmese with a Persian.


2. One of the most popular cat breeds of all-time is a flat faced cat. I bet you know what cat that is you cat maniac. The Persian. I mean have you seen its coat and its giant eyes and the way it just looks at you. According to purrfectcatbreeds.com/cat-breeds-list/persian-cat/, the Persian has roots that go as far as B.C and appears in hieroglyphs. Got its name from, obviously, Persia and parts of the Middle East.

3. Flat faced cat breeds can have watery eyes and breathing issues due to its flat face. Some do not have this trait so don’t worry. The British shorthair is one of the cat breeds that does not have any known health problems and regular maintanance of your fellow cat can keep you away from the watery eyes and respiratory problems.


4. The British shorthair was almost lost during WWI yet it was bred with another species to maintain the genes. The British shorthair is smaller than the Main Cain

5. A Munchkin, a small cat with real short legs, was once famous in the Soviet Union for its posture, he laid down on its haunches. They called him Stalingrad Kangaroo.

6. The Scottish Fold has droopy ears. Kind of looks like an owl, according to purrfectcatbreeds.com. Speculated to have weak spines and was the cause of the ban of breeding but later on were again bred and their lineage continued. A Scottish man breed the cats and called them the Scottish-fold since it came from Scotland.

7. From the Exotic Shorthair the Selkrik Rex sports a curly woolly appearance and Jeri Newman was the first breeder and crossed it with a Persian and created the cute and fancy Selkrik Rex. The name was a nod to her step-dad.

8. You get the Himalayan cat if you combine the Persian and the Siamese. It gets its blue eyes from the Siamese. Named by the first Himalayan breeders, Newton’s Dubante is the first ever Himalayan. They have the appearance of a Persian and the coat of a Siamese.

9. Flat faced breeds started with the Persian since it already had a small snout and were selectively bred to make the flat face we know now. It did go to extremes though and many cats began to have issues.

British shorthair
10. Flat faced cat breeds are usually more laid back than other cat breeds.

11. Flat faced cat breeds do need more care than normal cat breeds for you must take care of their respiratory problems and their eyes watering.

12. Most flat face cats love the indoors yet it depends sometimes on your cat and personality.

13. The Persian became a popular breed in 18th century England.

14. Queen Victoria previously owned Persians.

15. The flat breed was created for show prizes.

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