12 Cute Tiger Striped Cats of Instagram and Their Tales

All cats are adorable, but there’s something especially cute about a tiger striped cat. They remind us of miniature tigers, and we love their quirky personalities. These 12 tiger striped kitties have reached Instagram fame with their stunning good looks!


1. Max the Cat – @max_maxthecat


Max is a beautiful tabby cat who was rescued by his human. He has three kitty sisters and a dog sister! He works hard to keep his baby sisters in check and teach them all about being a house cat. He loves watching the rain and sitting in his human’s Amazon boxes!


2. Fin – @FinfortheWin

Fin for the Win

Fin is a lovely ginger cat with green eyes. She makes the cutest facial expressions! She has a little brother name Sawyer, a gray tabby cat. They get along great – most of the time! She enjoys wearing bow ties and bandannas.


3. Katniss Thunder Paw – @talk_to_the_paw

Blue Cat Instagram

Katniss Thunder Paw is, you guessed it, a huge Hunger Games fan! She is rarely seen without her signature Mockingjay pin, though she occasionally dons a stylish beanie or bow tie. She was adopted by her owners in Minnesota when she was about a year old.


4. Sydney – @sydney.and.dot

Cat on Instagram 9

Sydney is a very feisty kitty with a very patient dog sister named Dot. When she’s not lazing around or looking at the squirrels in the Japanese Maple outside, she loves to pester Dot. She also enjoys lying in the California sun or listening to the rare rainstorms.


5. Torachan – @torachanthecat

Cat on Instagram 8

Torachan is an Exotic Shorthair with unique markings that give her fierce tiger stripes. The 1-year-old kitty lives with her human in Osaka, Japan. She loves to arrange blankets into a fluffy bed and to drink right out of water glasses!


6. Biscuit – @mycatbiscuit

Cat on Instagram Tabby Playing

Biscuit, a beautiful ginger boy, is a feisty 1-year-old cat. He’s the first cat his human has owned, and he rules the roost! He loves playing with Friskies toys, and dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween! He’s also a handsome boy in bow ties.


7. Striker and Whiskey – @davidefox04

Cat on Instagram 7

Striker and Whiskey are brown tabby cats with tiger stripes, who are constantly photographed by their human. They love cuddling with their tiny human and wearing dapper bandannas.


8. Kor – @_rzhen

Cat on Instagram 6

Kor is a sophisticated ginger tabby with enchanting eyes. He is always refined and enjoys wearing bow ties. Sometimes, his owner posts about friends that need a home like he has!


9. Kiwi – @kiwi__honey

Cat on Instagram 5

Kiwi is a social 3-year-old who loves sunbathing (what cat doesn’t?) She’s very attached to her humans and keeps them in her sight at all times. She even occasionally lets them cuddle with her!


10. Fitz – @mr_fitz_gerald

Cat on Instagram 2

Fitz (a.k.a. Mr. Fitzgerald) is a curious gray tabby who always is finding a new adventure. His sidekick is Milo, a tiny black and white kitten. Fitz enjoys playing outside and drinking from faucets!


11. Nala – @Nala_Cat

Cat Picture Instagram

Nala has risen to Instagram fame with her cute expressions and adorable tiger stripes. She’s a Tabby and Siamese mix, and she’s 5 years old. Her 2.4 million Instagram love her crazy antics and costumes.


12. Rosie – @lilothehusky


Rosie is a beautiful Tabby kitten, who has two fierce protectors in her Husky friends, Lilo and Finny. Their unlikely friendship has inspired many, and they even have a children’s book about them! Their human makes cute bandannas and bow ties to help the feral cat colony Rosie was rescued from.

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