101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

Are You Looking for a Bunch of Cute Cats on Instagram!?

CBWP’s “101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015” is the BIGGEST list of the best Instagram cats in 2015.

NEWS: We will be closing off nominations for 101 Best IG Cats 2016 on May 31st. Click here to nominate your cat


User-Nominated IG Cats in 2015

This year we had over 50 nominations by Instagram users – and a good number of them made it.

We’ve also hand selected a variety of interesting-looking cats, cats with stories to tell, disabled cats and rescue cats with few followers. No specific criteria was used, but we did want to have a lot of variety. This is what we came up with, thanks to nominations and a bit of Instagram-surfing.

We hope the less healthy cats on this list inspires one of you to adopt and save a cat’s life.

  • There is no “order” or “rank” to these selected cat IG’s.
  • Be aware not all IG accounts will have good language, so please review the captions in case your youngsters want to view these accounts on your tablet or phone.
  • Use the Report/Flag feature in Instagram and send us an email if we missed anything that shouldn’t be in a caption, tag or if a user is being inappropriate
  • If we missed any cat you think should have been included this year, leave a comment.
  • Nominations for next year’s Best IG Cats to Follow will be announced at a later date.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Without Further Ado….

1. Mister Bub Fuzzins bubfuzzins

He’s got a cleft palate, one unruly fang, and will only drink his water from a rocks glass.


2. Baxter Baxter_Chibi

Though Chibi has passed on, Baxter continues to model for the camera. You’ll find Baxter to be quite interesting and adorable.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (4)

3. Chester chesterthemagnificent

Chester’s a tuxedo cat with a white mustache and crossed eyes. He lives with Ollie and Hazel and has several nicknames from Mister Mustache to King Snugs.

Chester the Magnificent 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

4. Albus Greybeard albusgreybeard

Few, among the feline kind, have commanding, storm-bashing beards. Albus Greybeard sports his with class.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Albus Greybeard

5. Banjo and Friends banjoandfriends

A funny, playful and cute IG cat to follow. Top notch, bright picture quality.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 BanjoandFriends

6. Sophie sophielovestuna

Sophie is a very fluffy, playful and beautiful lady-cat that likes frosting on a spoon, catnip, and snow!

sophie lady cat

7. Kennedy kennedythecat

Formerly “Pots”, this cute and playful tabby calico is now named Kennedy, after the president.


8. Ludde and Mini redfoxwhitebear

Two LaPerm longhair cats under one roof: Mini, the less fluffy one, is equal parts crazy and cuddly, while Ludde is more of a gentle thinker! If you are looking for adorable and beautiful, this is the account to follow.


 9. Dodo the Cat dodo.thecat

Although not an actual cat, Dodo the Ca is a sweet addition to our list that we believe worth mention. Cute artwork, full of gentleness, warmth and fun.


10. Molla and Bozley molla_and_bozley

As the IG description states, he’s a cat with a shirt and tie.  Anne is the tabby. Very crisp, interesting pictures!


11. Trixie the Bengal trixiethebengal

Trixie, a popular cat that was featured on Cats of Instagram, has some very sharp pictures and even close ups with remarkable detail of the bengal breed.


12. Hey Gudy heygudy

Cats living outdoors have it tough. This person(though we don’t know them by name) feeds his/her local outdoor felines. They munch, lounge and greet the camera. It’s a full house of all sorts of cats, so it will be interesting to see who shows up.


13. Sophie S0phie_kitty

Sophie and Blackie wear bow ties. You may recognize Sophie from our Colorpoint Shorthairs breeds page.

Sophie Kitty

14. Shishi-maru Enomenom

This cute Scottish Fold was born in March, and fittingly on our list in March. Enjoys fighting rubber bands.


 15. Parker and Lily parkerandlily

A cute new account. Two calico sisters, sometimes dress up. Both are adorable just the same!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Parker and Lily

16. Scarlett and Max scarlett_savannah_n_max

Scarlett is an Savannah, Max is a F2 Bengal. These cats greet mom and dad with lots of head bunts.

savannah bengal

17. Basil basil_british_blue_cat

Basil of England enjoys hiding from his owners. Interests: treats, sandals, naps.

Basil British

18. Dexter dexter_the_ginger_cat

Ginger cat Dexter, and brother Busta and sister Bella. Busta is a Norwegian Forest cat. Can you find the picture where he’s sleeping on something too small for his body?


19. Endel endelthelynx

Endel has great pictures, like this one, getting caught playing video games. Madeline shares naps with Endel in the cat tree.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (9)

20. Girly and Theodore girly_and_theodore

Girly is a Siamese cat, that was rescued in Wyoming and brought to California, Theodore is her son. On this particular day he was superman. When he takes naps, he may on occasion be questioned by passing stormtroopers.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (8)

21. Nola Babies nolababies

Life of 7 rescue kitties and 2 smelly pups.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (7)

22. Desi and Lucy desiandlucythecats

Two adventurous rescue kitties. One really colorful account with cute pictures.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (6)

23. Sly Talos slythetabby

Sly is a bow-tie wearing cat model. Expect to see clear, bright and interesting pictures on this one!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (5)

24. Love2Foster love2foster

James Bond and Posey Galore are Oregon kitties adopted from a shelter.  They are permanent while the family brings in foster cats to re-adopt. Thank you for fostering, friends!!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Love2Foster

25. Nadia darklord_nadia

Stunning close up shots of tabby Nadia and Cannelle.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (3)

26. Charcoal charcoal.the.cat

Russian Blue, Charcoal enjoy naps in the sun,demanding food & enriching the lives of my humans.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 (2)

27. Max Themaxsociety

Persian “Max” is from the Phillipines. Playful, fluffy and white – you’ll have fun watching this cat!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Max Society

28. Oliver Ragdolloliver

London ragdoll Oliver is just a few weeks (at publication of this list). Follow him as he grows up, plays and dresses up.

Ragdoll Oliver 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

29.Mistletoe, Figgy, Tango pawsome_possy

A cute trio of house cats that like going outdoors with their owner. IG: “Colossal cuteness, shameless shenanigans.”

Pawsome Posse

30. Ryotukoro Ryotukoro

P-chan, Nya-san and Tina. A popular IG account to follow with stylish, interesting and thoughtful pictures.


31. Santito Santitothekitten

If you have a cat with special needs, it may encourage you to follow Santito who is cared for and loved, despite difficulties.

Santito The Kitten

32. Musashi _daisy

7 year old Musashi, a hybrid tabby, is frequently photographed on IG. He’s often asleep and has intriguing glances.


33. Big Kitty Klaus BigKittyKlaus

Klaus is a big cat, real big. His firework ear-tips, fluffy tail and whiskers are all very eye catching.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 BigKittyKlaus

 34. Mini the Cat losronroneosdemini

Cute, quality pictures of a house cat named Mini.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Mini The Cat

35. Sanche sanchelove

Second time feature! Sanche is a beautiful account to follow with lots of adorable high quality pictures.


36. Kennedy kennedythecat

Calico-Tabby mix who requires lots of cuddling & has separation anxiety.

Kennedy the cat

37. Corey, Truman, Harper and more! rvtechs

This IG has lots of cats living together under one roof.

five fun fuzzers

38. Kitty thekittythecat

Grew up in 5 foster homes, deemed a problem child & no one wanted me.


39. Séamus & Angus Seamus_n_angus

Exotic Shorthaired Persian brothers from the SAME parents.


40. Nala & Gin sofiejohanssonstrom

Some of you may recognize Nala(the tuxedo) as she’s in the one of Sweden’s biggest cat magazine in March.

nala and gin

41. Andrej callmeandrej

Ragdoll rescue Andrej enjoys passing time being petted, exploring and occupying laps during computer time.


42. Steve, Liam & Henry stevecatnip

Steve gets into everything. Perhaps you have a cat like him. Steve is in boxes, bags, and even a full kitty bed!!


43. Hoppy hoppy_brown

An adopted male. He was rescued from the streets of Niagara Falls with two broken legs when he was little.

hoppy brown

44. Veggie Dayz veggiedayz

Lots of cute kittens. Calico, tabby and more!

Veggie Dayz 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

45. Lola’s Brown Chin lolasbrownchin

From the IG: “She snores when she sleeps. She snorts when she eats.”  We’d also add she sometimes has lightning storm whiskers.

Lolas Brown Chin

46. King Popo Kingpopothecat

Follow Popo Jr, PJ, and Lulu – a fluffy, cute, bow-tie wearing family of cats.

King Popo The Cat Instagram 101 Best Cats to Follow

47. My Foster Kittens myfosterkittens

A Nevada family that cares for kittens. Very cute and tiny!

My Foster Kittens

48. Vincent George _vincent_george_

One year old British Blue, adorable, cuddly, and likes to take naps.

Vincent George Instagram 101 Best Cat

49. Asya and Macintosh asyaandmac

Two rescues from the streets of Moscow. Aysya is this white, fluffy lady (and also deaf). She likes chewing on door handles, very seriously.

Asya and Macintosh

50. Erwin ErwinCat

Erwin is an active cat that loves to be outdoors. He climbs trees skillfully and is found in many great pictures.

Erwin Cat

51. Bellah bella_the_tonk

Bella may be the oldest cat on our list – aged 15 years! She lives with a Siamese pal.

Bella the Tonkinese

52. Fips, Feli, Nuri, Miri fifemi.nuri

We can’t say much more about these pictures, they are great! Come see all the close ups of these cute little cats.

fifemi and nuri

53. Romeo weeklywhiskers

Romeo is an adventurer. A beautiful Bengal cat to follow.

Romeo the Bengal IG Cat

54. Atticus & Bono atticusandbono

Seal point Siamese brothers (not fraternal).

atticus and bono

55. Lokum & Coco lokum_coco

Exotic short hair, Coco is a girl (white and orange kitty) and Lokum is a boy.

lokum and coco

56. Ridley ridley the xfire tuxedo

Adopted from a shelter at age 7, he is named after a Belgian race bike manufacturer.

ridley_the_xfire_tuxedo 1

57. Jack and Luna jacknluna

Jack & Luna are brother & sister. Favorite activities include snuggling and throwing magnets off the fridge.Jack and Luna

58. Achilles achillessavannah

F2 Savannah that gets into trouble and sleeps on his human’s face! Loves his foxy.


59. Koopa Koopathemunchkin

Koopa likes to sit at the table, loves his toy panda, and can reach high places although he’s quite small.

Koopa the Munchkin cat

60. Chloe chloecatrobinson

A calico lady with pretty green eyes and a fascinating dark grey and orange coat. AKA Captain Kibble, Chlo, and Granny Baby Kitty.

Chloe Cat Robinson

61. Ralphie Ralphierooster

Luna is the little blue-eyed lady that likes to nap next to Ralphie, the persian ragdoll. There’s also Athena and Roxy.

Ralphie Rooster Persian Cat 101 Best Instagram Cats

62. JT Catsby otisandjr

JT Catsby, a little Munchkin with a big personality.


63. Walter and Ms. Melody sirwaltermsmelody


64. Sirius HappyCatSirius

Here Sirius has an almost human expression because of his unique color points. He enjoys boxes, even too small for his size.

image (14)

65. Lo Lo_the_Siberian

A family of Siberian cats. Lo is mother, Quintus is father and Florian is Son.

The Siberian Family

66. Nzo Nzo_the_cat

An adopted boy kitty.

Nzo the Cat

67. Light and Lily Lightandlily

4 yr old Somali cat in Japan.

Light and Lily Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

68. Diamond Diamond_Dior_

A little cattitude from a 2 1/2 year old Persian cat.

Diamond Dior Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

69. Joe, Oliver and Alba Joe_Oliver_and_Alba

Siamese cats from England.

Joe Oliver and Alba Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

70. Kev the_adventures_of_kev

Kevin was found in a car park at 4 weeks. He has a condition called hydrocephalus (fluid around the brain) which causes pressure and swelling of his head. He is partially blind and deaf because of this, wasn’t expected to live past 5 months, yet he is now 2 years old.

The Adventures of Kev Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

71. Baron, Bono, Boo, Bullet and Nanie 5catsheaven

5 cats and good quality shots, a very active user in the IG community. This white cat is named Baron, and he’s 11.

5catsheaven Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

72. Lucas and Lola Lucas_and_Lola

Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats living together in Spain.

Lola and Lucas From Spain

73. Tyrion Tyrion_ty

Tyrion is a playful one year old Devon Rex. He has a unique wide-eyed expression of surprise in a few of his cutest pictures.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Cat Breeds and Pictures

74. Katana Cat katanacat

Stunning pictures of a Bengal housecat. Funny captions and pretty pictures of an exotic cat, take a look!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Katana Cat

75. Ninja and Lloyd ninjaandlloyd

Two friendly, active indoor cats, a Scottish Fold and Maine Coon.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Ninja and Lloyd

76. Pippin pippinthecat_

Handsome young lady Scottish Fold. This is a new account.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Pippin the Kitten

77. Thor and Loki thorandlokithecats

British Longhair brothers from the Netherlands. Sleepy, playful and peacefully living together.

thorandlokithecats 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

78. Sulo sulo_catlife

Sacred Birman cat Sulu enjoys playing and bicycling.

sulo_catlife 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

79. Shoelace shoelace.the.happy.kitten

5 month old greyish tabby kitten from Vancouver with excellent pictures.

shoelacethehappykitten Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

80. Risyapapa risyapapa

Pat-pat! Follow delightful and cute American Shorthair and Norwegian Forest cats in Japan.

Risyapapa 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

81. Stella and Barney stella_and_barney

Stella the Persian Cat and Barney the Ragdoll.

Stella and Barney Cat Breed 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

82. Pebble and Flash pebblesandflash

Two cats living in South Africa that enjoy taking walks at sunset through the garden.

pebblesandflash 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

83. Coonie Clan coonie_clan

Three Maine Coons cats. Roma is the tuxedo, Tilly the red tabby and Drexl the smokey.


84. Nora and Hada nora_hada

Ragdoll and a European shorthair say good morning and good night.

Nora and Hada 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

85. Sally sallyliliumcute

Rescue from Osaka, Japan. Sally is charming.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Sallyliliumcute

86. Noah, Moco, Laki mococat1005

Three housepals. Laki is pictured in his very own submarine!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Moco Laki mococat1005

87. Cici cicicatt

Chinchilla Persian, golden and blue eyes.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 CICICATT

88. Heidi heidi41

Lucy, Willi and Coco from Germany.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015

89. Viktor, Hugo, Jade sinikilpikonna

Stunning pictures of Hugo the Abyssinian, his tiny friend Viktor (Abyssinian) and the flourishing Jade (Norwegian Forest).

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Viktor Jade

90. 쩡이 Guswjd0443

A chinchilla living with a cat (possibly) in Korea.


91. Choco Mi_Pooooon

A Scottish Fold kitty’s daily escapades at home (Japan).

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Choco 2

92. Stray Cats gtx_777r

Beautiful high quality pictures of stray cats.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 GTX_777R

93. Duke burmilladuke

Duke is a Burmilla(center), Maddie a Calico and Sophie a Tonkinese. They are Duke’s sisters.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Duke the Burmilla

94. さかな sakanadayone

An inquisitive, delicate 5+ month old kitten living in Japan.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Sakana Day One

95. Nyla nylathekittycat

Persian Himalayan Nyla living in the city.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Nyla the KittyCat

96. Ginger curly_eared_cat

Ginger the American Curl enjoys bird watching and spending time with Chloe, her sister.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Ginger and Chloe

97. Waldo waldo_cat

A ginger tabby that lives with foster cats. Excellent pictures.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Waldo Cat

98. Shoo Shoo the_shoo_shoo_show

Shoo shoo is a very fluffy, black and white lady cat. She likes to nap, bird watch and spend time in her crinkle tunnel.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Shoo Shoo The Shoo Shoo Show

99. Fin and Sawyer finforthewin

Sawyer(boy) the tabby and Fin the ginger with green eyes. They make quite a pair!

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Fin and Sawyer

100. Michelangelo thebeanmonster

Blue eyed lynx-point Siamese Michelangelo is a chirpy, playful sibling to Tortoiseshell tabby, Nutella.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Blue Eye Lynxpoint Siamese Thebeanmonster

101. Fonzie fonziethecat

Fonzie loves to lay around with her belly up and watch the birds feeding outside her window. She also has asthma that her owners have to help her with.

101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2015 Fonzie The Asthmatic Cat


The End

We hope you enjoyed the 101!

Please come back next year to nominate your Instagram cat(s) and favorites for 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow 2016!

And please check out the rest of our site, we accept all kinds of contributions, such as guest posts and cat tales.



PS: Thank you for all your nominations this year! We look forward to 2016!




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