101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow and Love

Looking for awesome Instagram Cats to follow? Here is our legacy post from 2013 on the 101 Best Cats of Instagram to Follow and Love.

This list has the best feline pals we’ve come across. If you’re looking for the best pictures of furry, fluffy, funny, adorable cats – strap yourself in as we’ll be covering dozens of breeds of cats with these pictures.

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This list of 101 Best Instagram Cats to Follow and Love contains:

  • Names of cats, then a link to their Instagram account…and sometimes a FB fan site
  • A bit about their breed or living situation, like if they have roomie cats
  • A recommendation for the very best instacats to follow
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1. TOCO makicocomo

Toco is a tabby who loves kids.

101 best instagram cats to follow

2. PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK princessmonstertruck

A celebrity rescue cat featured on Buzzfeed and all over the web. Dubbed “monster” because of its damaged jaw and the slightly off fangs that are permanently jutting out.

101 best instagram cats to follow

3. SHISHI MARU emonemon

A Scottish Fold with beautiful green-yellow eyes.


4. RICHARD richard_kitty

A pretty white cat named Richard with blue and green-yellow eyes.


5. MICHELLE goemon16

Michelle is a Russian blue cat breed. She is sweet and playful.


6. PUDGE pudgethecat

Pudge is an Exotic shorthair with a two-face coat pattern. He is gentle and friendly.


7. INGRID AND HEDVIG “HEDY” thegreatwhites

A four year old rescue cat with beautiful blue and green eyes. Solid white cat breeds can have a gene that causes two different eye colors.


 8. MIMI Yoshimimi

Mimi is a Maine Coon cat breed.


9. BATTLESTARGALACTICATS Battlestargalacticats

Bengal cats flying in formation. Expect lots of leopardy spots.


10. COLONEL MEOW colonelmeow

Colonel Meow is a Himalayan Persian cat breed. He is similiar to Grumpy Cat, in that he is always seemingly grumpy or upset. Per Wikipedia, “on January 30, 2014 his owners announced on Facebook that Colonel Meow had died.”


 11. TARDAR SAUCE realgrumpycat

“Grumpy Cat”, as she is known as on the internet, is actually named Tardar Sauce. She’s a female mixed-breed – possibly a Siamese Snowshoe breed – with feline dwarfism.


12. COMUGI tomochunba

Japanese Bobtail cat breed. Comugi is a gentle and playful cat. The photos on this account are always excellent!


13. HAMILTON THE HIPSTER CAT hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Hamilton wears a perfectly styled white mustache and is extremely expressive in his photos. He advocates adopting from shelters as he is a rescue cat himself.


14. SAM, THE CAT WITH EYEBROWS samhaseyebrows

Sam was found abandoned between two buildings. He appeared to be too weak to move or eat. Though his owner didn’t think he could keep another cat, he still took pity on him and took him in.


15. P-CHAN & NYA-SAN ryotukoro

Two black cats in Japan. Adorable


16. LIL BUB iamlilbub

The profile reads “I am a lady and a magical, one of a kind space kitty.” We tend to agree. Bub has a very popular Youtube channel as well, featuring him and even guest stars like Whoopi Goldberg.


17. SNOOPY snoopybabe

Exotic Shorthair. Snoopy is very lovely cat, her owner will often dress her up for photos.


18. RYO Dragonryo826

Tabby Ryo is from Japan, his wide eyes and orange fur make him very loveable.


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19. PULPY, CUPCAKE, SNOWY Mylovelycatchiko

Three ultra cute Persian Mix Angora breed cats. Each is more adorable than the next.


20. TOM gatto_tom

14 year old Siamese Tabby mix. He’s one of the eldest Instacats we’ve been able to find.


21. WINNIE winnie_cat_

Winnie is a mixed breed of Tabby/Bengal. She is friendly, playful and sweet. She lives with a 2-year old Russian Blue named Grouchy.


22. CHAMP & LUCKY Champcat

Champ is a tabby cat. His roommate’s name is Lucky. They get along alright.


23. HANDSOME SAMMY SAMSON handsomesamsonandterrytibs

“The most handsome kitty in the land!” Handsome Samson is a black and white cat that loves stretching, sleeping and treats.


24. OKOGE okogeandfish

Scottish Fold cat breed, Okoge has a pure white coat and light yellow eyes. He lives with a Tuxedo cat and a Tabby.


25. BABY babyalexmason

Baby is a cute kitten Russian Blue cat breed.

101 best instagram cats to follow 2013

26.TIGGER AND MAUI tiggermaui

Two adopted shelter cats, Tigger and Maui love to eat sleep and play. They even cuddle each other!

101 best instagram cats to follow

27. MARIO mariosstache

Maine Coon. He is not the most active cat in the world but he sure is cute. Loves tap water from the bathroom faucet.


28. CHARLIE theprincecharlie

This pretty odd eye colored cat loves his daddy.


29. BILLI billithecat

Billi is playful and like most cats he enjoys being petted and eating.


30. MINOU minou_cat

Persian She is an amazing little cat.


31. JOE OLIVER AND ALBA joe_oliver_and_alba

Chocolate tabby point Siamese


32.STÖDDIGA SUMPEN stoddigasumpen

Fathered by a handsome Maine Coon, a beautiful Ragdoll mother, Stoddiga considers oneself “The Best of Both Worlds”

stoddigasumpen 101 best cats of instagram 2013 new list

33. SIPOPO sipopo_cat

Sipopo is a ragdoll cutie. She loves to play and get petted.


34. AINA, SIMBA, CONAN jlombardie

A Tabby, Tuxedo and a Longhair. They’re playful and fun to see on the kitchen counter.


35. EVEY AND TOTO evey_and_toto

Scottish Fold and a Calico Tabby.


36. FRAIA fraiathecat

Fraia is a spunky tabby that acts like a dog.


37. OLIVE AND GRACE olivelovesgrace

Oliver is a 10-year old ginger tabby rescued from an Orlando parking garage. Gracie the tuxedo cat is 8-years old, also a rescue.


38.  MILLIE  princesssmillie

Millie is a tabby calico. She is very, very photogenic.


39. MUSYA AND FOXY foximu

Two pretty white longhair cats.


40. KEIKO keiko_susa

A Tuxedo cat with a cute little black spot on her nose.


41. OZZIE ozziethekitty

Ozzie is a tabby with eyes slightly crossed. He’s playful and adorable.


42. HUMMY AND TERRA floracats

Hummy and Tera are both calicos born in 2005.


43. JASPER thecatjasper

Jasper is a tabby that loves to catch his tail. Sleeps and plays most of the time.


44. OTIS AND STANLEY otis_n_stanley

The adventures of two buds: a russian blue and a tabby.


45. TIPPY tippymoocat

Tippy is 26lbs. Yeah, that’s a lot of love. She was rescued from the Delco SPCA in 2009, and believe it not, she’s lost weight.


46. GENGGAM CATS genggamcats

Featuring mostly bengal cats, from assorted sources.


47. JAZZ jazz_thecat

Jazz the ginger tabby, sleeping.


48. SAYA AND TARA saya_tara

Two of the fluffiest and royal looking cats…Saya and Tara.


49.JOCHIE jochie_boombastic

Jochie Mr. Bombastic is an exotic shorthair.


50. PEDRO Bebepedro

Pedro’s a Maine Coon. Big, fluffy and powerful.


51. HUGO hugo_cat

British Shorthair. Hugo has beautiful eyes. Don’t miss this one!


52.SANDY sandy_thecat

She loves to eat, another wide eyed beauty.


53.TUNA babytuna

Tuna is a Tabby, she is said to love her mommy MORE when there are treats.


54. SID sidthekitty

Tuxedo kitten with a bunny on his forehead. There are even pictures of this little guy as a newborn! Follow him quick and watch him grow up.


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55.DUNCAN thatcatduncan

Duncan is a Maine Coon. He enjoys going on adventures outdoors and eats dog treats in his down time.


56. SANTITO santitothekitten

This cat has a tragic background but a bright future ahead of him thanks to some people who said “NO” to euthanization when he was found as a kitten.

santito the kitten instagram best cats to follow

57.KIMA BEEF leopardofinstagram

Kimba is an Asian Leopard Cat and his Brother Beef is a Tabby.


58. FOODY food_cat

A tortoise shell girl kitty who plays outdoors and indoors as well. Quite expressive.


59. CARROTS AND TURNIPcarrotsandturnip

Two tortoiseshell cats. Delightful little jumpers!


60. COCO AND SAZ CATS coco_sazerac

Coco is a fierce lady dragon. Sazerac is a purr aficionado.


61. PUD smallpuddingpie

Pudding Pud is a tuxedo cat – he loves to eat, and roll up on the master’s bed.


62. OSCAR thelifeof_oscar

Oscar is a Himalayan/Persian mix breed. He loves watching birdies, sitting strangely on his bum and eating sour cream. A wonderfully unique cat.


63. CHARLIE charliecanmeow

This is the second Charlie we found – he’s a mostly white Tuxedo cat.


64. CHARLON AND CAMEO charlonpersians

Charlon and Cameo are one playful Persian pair.


65. MASHIMARU Mashimaru_meaw_meaw

Himalayan Persian cat breed. He is a gentle and happy boy that loves to play and sleeps a lot!


66. BUFFY buffythekitten

Buffy has adorable eyes. She appears to be a calico tabby.


67. LYNX AND TIGER lynx_and_tiger

Lynx and Tiger are Maine Coon mixed breeds. They’re playful and sweet. Sometimes their owner takes them into their car for a ride.


68. FRISKERS MCFURRYPANTS friskers_mcfurrypants

Friskers was forced to adopt a ginger tabby, Sonic, but he’s okay now. Playful, big and sweet so long as Sonic doesn’t resist when he wants to give him a bath.


69. AMELIA ameliafer

Blue eyed Amelia is a Maine Coon. I like that brush she says!


70. WHITISH princesswhitish

Whitish was white when she was a kitten, but since she’s grown up she’s got a few spots. A mix breed.


71. KIRA THE ETERNAL thiscatisridiculous

This philly street cat with a crooked face has finally been given a chance to live. We’re glad the little tuxedo cat was adopted! She lives with Kiwi, a tortie, adopted around the same time.


72. SANCHE sanchelove

This adorable smiley lives with two other cats.We’re not sure about the names, but we believe this one’s Tabatha. A tabby mix. The others: a scottish fold, tabby, and a ginger tabby and white mix.


73. MARVIN thelifeofmarvin

Marvin was a street cat before he was adopted. He likes to lounge and think. A pretty Russian Blue cat breed.


74. LIU leonliu

Uncle Liu is an Exotic shorthair. He’s playful and appears to be smarter than his cute looks show.


75. LOOSHA queenloofa

Loosha shares the house with one other longhair and a black kitten(pictured).



The hugely popular, Spangles. He’s a cross eye cat with normal vision living with two other cats, Duchess Gerogiana, Princess Buttercup and Princess Mia (she’s gorgeous!)


77. SHELTER CATS vivien171999

An assortment of cats on this account from the photographer’s home as well as from an animal shelter that they volunteer at. Another reminder to adopt a cat in need of a loving home.


78. BERTRAM “B” AND MELVIN _bertthecat_

Bertram is his full name but you can call him Bert. His little sister B and little brother Melvin share the account but Bert is the star of the show.



This is one of our favorites! These scottish “unfolds” are extremely photogenic, and their owner has gone out of his way to make the site fun and accessible with some of the best pictures of cats around on the web. High quality 5 star stuff.


80. ZEON AND HARO cheezee

Two Ginger Seoul cats.


81. JEREMY AND JAGUAR jeremy_jaguar_cats

Two persian cats. A fun instagram with graphics and everything. Some great pics of when Jeremy was a kitten, too! PS: Jaguar is the white kitty.


82. LUCY andrew_lucy

Lucy is a 2 year old Bengal. She’s got great spots and great hunter’s eyes.



Hotate is a black cat, Clam is a Ragdoll, and Shirasu is the Scottish Fold.Adorable, irresistible pics – follow nao.


84.BOBBI’S CAT  l0lbobbi

Don’t know the name of this cat, but the pictures are fantastic – using just an Iphone!


85. CAT CAFE STAFF wa_sabi

Abyssinian – These cats are found at Cat cafes. Not actually the user’s pets.


86. LEO necokat

Russian Blue Calico. Leo loves staring contests and flying.


87. KLAUS bigkittyklaus

A fluffy Maine Coon, Klaus is friendly and big. Real big.


88. BEBE bebe_46

This account mostly features videos clips- good ones.


89. GOMA & MEME sakuracos Goma

Goma is an Exotic Shorthair / Calico. And his roommate, Meme.


90. THE HOMER CATTERY mawin_homer

All persian cats, CFA show grade.

homer cattery best cats of instagram to follow

91. YVES mayrilyn

Although Mayrilyn’s exotic shorthair Utsu has passed, Yves is still going strong.Cute, fluffy and white as a snowflake.


92. NALA nala_cat

Nala’s signature cross-eyes have given the Siamese Tabby mix up to fame. Her pictures are delightfully cute.


93. COIMARU coimaru

A cute Scottish Fold with lots of close ups. Enjoy!


94. EVERYBODY’S CATS instakotik

Instakotik features the best cats of Instagram.


95. CATS AND MONEY cashcats

Taking pictures of cats with lots of money has become a meme.


96. JACK 2fluffytuxedos

This is Jack, a Tuxedo cat.


97. THE BEST OF YOUR CATScats_of_instagram

Everybody that tags their cat can get on CatsofInstagram.com – the site pretty much started from people using the tag #catsofinstagram



#Catkote is a hashtag site that features some of the best Instagram cat submissions we’ve seen to date. We definitely recommend following this account for amazing and cute pictures!

101 best instagram cats to follow and love 2013

99. NON-CHAN utacci

Scottish Fold. Non-Chan gets dressed up often.

best instagram cats to follow

100. KENICHI ken_dayo


101.ZARA & ZEUS zeus_the_cat

This is Zara and her little brother is Zeus.


****NOTE: If an account becomes private, there are too many self pictures or random things and not enough cat pictures, the account gets suspended or isn’t top-notch it will be removed (just email us). We reviewed most of these with a keen eye, but we’re happy to get your input as this list ages. Did we make a mistake, or you think we have an incorrectly identified cat breed? Let us know in the comments – we’d be happy to make a change or two!

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