10 Great Pictures of That Hairless Egyptian Cat Breed

hairless cat breed

Here are 10 great pictures of a hairless cat breed, well…. actually that isn’t very accurate. It also isn’t called a Mexican hairless cat.

The cat we are talking about and looking at is the Sphynx ( not spelled Sphinx ). There is no such thing as hairless Egyptian or Mexican cat breeds, it’s a common misconception.

“Originally known as Canadian Hairless Cats,” according to The International Cat Association, “breeders eventually settled on the moniker Sphynx for the unusual breed, a reference to the gigantic limestone sculpture in the Egyptian desert, worn smooth over the millennia through erosion by wind, sand and water.”

The differences in the telling of the origins of the Sphynx cat is a complex story.

According to ‘The Book of the Cat’ published in 1903,”…a pair of hairless cats called Mexican Hairless, which was obtained from a New Mexican couple from local Pueblo Indians. The breed later resurfaced when a couple of Siamese cats gave birth to three hairless kittens in 1950 in Paris.”

Some cat related sources state that,”…other hairless specimens were discovered in Morocco, Australia, North Carolina, and in Toronto, Canada, where in 1966, a pair of domestic short hairs produced a litter that included a hairless kitten. It was then that the modern Sphynx came into existence.”

The Sphynx has skin is covered a fine peach-like down, but it’s body is sturdily built, muscular and medium sized. The Sphynx cat breed is instantly recognizable, usually coming in blacks, whites or grey colors. These cats are also recognizable by their large ears, each usually two to three inches high.

Most have eyes that are green or blue, but many are naturally di-chromatic, having one of each color eye.

Many people joke, saying that these are the ugliest or strangest looking cats.

This may be at first glance, but being with one up close reveals a sleek and elegant breed of feline.

They are gentle creatures that are as beautiful to look at as any other cat breed. Sphynx are friendly animals, being easy to handle and very social. Their breed has been used frequently as show cats, but also make wonderful therapeutic home companions and family cats.

Since this breed does not have true body fur, they need regular bathing to deal with excess oils from the skin.

Although hairless, Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic by any means. They still produce dander, shed their hair and dead skin cells.

hairless cat breed photo
All around, the Sphynx is an amazing and misunderstood cat breed, but majestic like their Egyptian name.

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Image Sources :

Bottom Sphynx photo by Tomi Tapio CC

Most of the above featured photos are not stored on CBWP and are publicly accessible on the web. Used here for education purposes.

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