10 Cute Pictures of Orange Cat Breeds

Contrary to popular belief, tabby is not a cat color or breed.

Technically speaking, tabby refers to a fur pattern that occurs in many cat breeds.

It actually takes a very specific combination of genetics to produce an orange tabby cat, according to LoveToKnow.

Here are 10 orange cat breeds accompanied by cute pictures.


1. The American Bobtail

orange american bobtail photo
Photo by torbakhopper|cc

This orange cat breed has a striped and spotted fur pattern.

One of their most distinctive traits are their short tails which resemble the tail of a real bobcat.

American bobtail cats have a dominant personality and lots of energy, reports PetFinder.

They are notorious for escaping from closed rooms and cages.


2. The Bengal

bengal cat photo
Photo by xaviera750|cc

Bengal cats are recognized as a descendant from the mating of an Asian leopard and a domestic cat.

They have a very high energy level and leopard-like markings. This orange cat breed is confident, intelligent and alert.

They are also known to be very vocal communicators, says CatChannel.com.


3. The Munchkin

munchkin cat photo
Photo by alexreinhart |cc

Munchkins are orange cat breed with a genetic mutation that dramatically shortens the legs.

They are available in long and short hair options.

Very friendly, Munchkins get along with humans and other animals.


4. The Persian

orange persian cat photo
Photo by jillccarlson|cc

Persian cats come in a variety of colors, and orange is one of them.

A serene and gentle cat, this breed requires a secure environment in order to open up.

Once a Persian cat feels safe, it is affectionate and playful. Their long coat requires daily grooming, notes About.com.


5. The Maine Coon

mainecoon cat photo
Photo by mainecooncastle|cc

Maine Coon cats are a large breed, but they have gentle dispositions.

This cat breed is known to get along well with dogs. They also love following their owners all over the house, reports VetStreet.

Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon is fascinated by water.


6. The Cornish Rex

cornish rex pinterest

This orange cat breed is incredibly playful and inquisitive.

They are demanding and hard to ignore when in a playful mood which is often, according to PetFinder.

Cornish Rex cats like to be involved and many owners find that using a spray bottle helps keep them manageable.


7. The Cymric


Cymric cats are a small breed with different types of tails.

Their tails fall into four categories which are longy rumpy, rumpy-riser and stumpy.

Rumpy refers to a tailless variety and rumpy-riser is the term used for a knob-like tail.

A stumpy tail is short and curved while a longy tail is almost as long as that of an average cat.

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8. The Selkirk Rex

selkirk cat breed

Selkirk Rex cats are mellow and affectionate. They come in a long and short hair variety.

Long-haired Selkirk Rex cats have wavy hair and the short-haired type has downy curls.

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9. The Somali

somali cat photo
Photo by Fabien Agon|cc

The orange-haired Somali cat has a long beautiful coat.

They are active mischief makers who love to investigate everything in the house.


10. The Ragamuffin

 orange Ragamuffin cat photo
Photot by by Cubosh|cc

Ragamuffin cats have a teddy-bear look and personality. They are a large breed with long beautiful fur.

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