10 Cuddly Instagram Cats and Their Tales

These adorable furry friends have catapulted to online popularity (thanks to their human’s Instagrams!) Take a look at the 10 cuddliest cats on Instagram.

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1. Nala – @nala_cat

nala cat

Nala is a 5-year-old Siamese & Tabby mix who was adopted from a shelter when she was just about five months old. When she was first adopted, she had breathing problems, but through the love and care of her owner, she has grown strong and healthy! 2.5 million people watch this cat on Instagram!


2. SnoopyBabe – @snoopybabe

snoopybabe instagram cuddly cats

SnoopyBabe is an Exotic Shorthair kitty who hails from China. He loves to dress up in all kinds of costumes from pirates to superheroes to just a cute hat. His cute little face will melt your heart!


3. Sam – @samhaseyebrows


Sam, the (possibly) Turkish Van cat, was made for Insta-fame. Just look at those adorable eyebrows! Sam was rescued by his owners in 2012, when he was abandoned by previous owners. He’s actually a very large cat – about the size of a dog!


4. Lil Bub – @iamlilbub


Lil Bub is an adorable cat with special needs. Found as a kitten, it became clear quickly that Lil Bub would need some extra care. She has physical anomalies that cause her to maintain a kitten-like appearance, but she’s a witty and friendly cat.


5. Princess Monster Truck – @princessmonstertruck

p monstertruck

Princess Monster Truck is a Persian kitty who was rescued from the “mean streets of New York.” Her distinct under bite was caused by overbreeding. Her 200,000 Insta-followers love her fierce personality!


6. Hamilton the Hipster Cat – @hamilton_the_hipster_cat


Yes, that’s a cat with a moustache. And, yes, it’s real! Hamilton was rescued from a feral cat colony, but needed some special love and attention. He was very skittish and scared of his new home, but eventually he settled it and rules the roost.


7. Roku the Cat – @rokuthecat


It’s easy to fall in love with Roku the Cat, a Scottish Fold kitty. With flat ears and silver fur, he’s super adorable. Even more adorable is his love relationship with his “wife” Hachi. Last year, they had four kittens. He loves lazing around and playing with his “mom” and “dad.”


8. Pudge the Cat – @pudgethecat


Pudge is a sassy girl with a killer moustache. She’s an Exotic Shorthair, and doesn’t like cat treats or toys! She loves to find unusual nap time spots, and is best friends with Lil Bud!


9. Comugi – @tomochunba


Comugi is a Japanese-bob-tail-crossbreed who has refined tastes in art. He loves minimalist art and taking artsy photographs. He has a heart condition, but he and his owner live a happy life together.


10. Grumpy Cat – @RealGrumpyCat


If you haven’t heard of Tarder Sauce (a.k.a. Grumpy Cat), then you must be living under a rock! Not only is she cuddly, but she’s super famous and has met tons of celebrities. Her “grumpy face” has nothing to do with her mood, but rather is caused by feline dwarfism.



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